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What Massage Therapists Need To Know When Working With Clients With HIV/AIDS

Getting a massage is one of the best ways to relax and restore the body and mind especially after a fatiguing day or week. For Many Koreans, a massage is

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Healthy Food Essential For HIV Patients

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Sexual Dysfunction In People Infected With HIV

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HIV-Positive Prank Calls

The 13-year-old daughter of the hospital clerk has been detained for supposedly calling individuals who visited the hospital emergency room and tell them how that they had the AIDS virus,”

Diet Needs of HIV Patients

Proper diet and well-balanced nutrition is important for all individual. Thus, also essential for HIV patients. This is due to the fact that food provides nutrients needed by the body

The Science of Aids

HIV symptoms and course

Many people develop symptoms, especially shortly after being infected or if the HIV infection has been untreated for a long time. You can only determine whether you have HIV infection with an HIV test. If you need a car cover on your visit a physician for a test then can provide you options.

How does HIV infection work?

If an HIV infection is not treated with medication, it usually has four phases:

  • Phase 1: Acute HIV infection
  • Phase 2: HIV infection with no symptoms
  • Phase 3: HIV infection with symptoms
  • Phase 4: AIDS

Acute HIV infection

Symptoms such as muscle aches, skin rash, and tonsil and lymph node swelling usually appear two to four weeks after infection.

These signs of acute HIV infection go away on their own after one to two weeks and are often mistakenly interpreted as flu or intestinal infections.

HIV infection with no symptoms

The acute phase with high virus replication is usually followed by a symptom-free or low-symptom phase with low virus replication. The immune system can keep HIV in check to some extent. This creates a kind of balance between virus replication and virus defense. This equilibrium usually lasts for several years.

Nevertheless, HIV causes permanent damage to the body’s defenses and some organs.

HIV infection with symptoms

Without HIV treatment, the immune system will eventually be so weakened that symptoms occur.


One speaks of AIDS when certain serious illnesses occur, for example:

  • A certain type of pneumonia
  • Fungal infection of the esophagus and windpipe or
  • Certain types of cancer

The essentials about HIV symptoms

  • HIV symptoms can vary greatly from person to person.
  • Symptoms such as fever, fatigue, night sweats, or swollen lymph nodes may appear shortly after an HIV infection. These usually disappear again after a short time.
  • This is typically followed by a long period of time without symptoms. Nevertheless, HIV harms the body.
  • Without HIV treatment, the immune system will eventually be so weakened that life-threatening diseases will occur. Then one speaks of AIDS.
  • Thanks to HIV medication, one can live long and well with HIV and prevent AIDS.
  • HIV symptoms are unspecific and can also occur with other diseases. Swelling of the lymph nodes with night sweats does not necessarily mean that you have been infected with HIV. However, if symptoms occur close to an HIV risk, an HIV test can be useful.

HIV and AIDS are Two Different Things

It’s so easy to be confused with AIDS and HIV but in reality, these two have different diagnoses but they do go hand-in-hand. Basically, HIV is a kind of virus that could result to as what we know, AIDS. This condition has 3 different stages.

At one point, the diagnosis of AIDS or HIV was deemed to be a death sentence to someone. But with advancements in technology and in-depth research, it brought new treatments to the point where people who have HIV at any given stage nowadays can live like normal and have a productive life. As a matter of fact, a person who is positive of HIV and adhering to the regular antiretroviral treatment may expect to live an almost normal life.

What’s HIV?

HIV is basically a virus that may result to the deterioration of immune system. HIV is actually an abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

As the name suggests, only humans could catch the virus and it is attacking the host’s immune system. Because of this, the immune system can’t work at optimal condition.

The immune system can clear numerous viruses in the body but, that isn’t the case when it comes to HIV. Medications are capable of controlling HIV by means of interrupting the viral life cycle.

AIDS is the Condition

We all know that HIV is a virus that is causing the infection. AIDS on the other hand is what would happen if HIV wasn’t given attention. It stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is the 3rd stage of HIV and it develops when HIV has already caused serious damage to immune system. The condition is so complex where the symptoms would vary from one person to the other.

Some of the known infections that can manifest to an affected individual include but not limited to pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Since having AIDS is a severe condition, many healthcare practitioners and even non-profit groups are using all platforms available to raise awareness. For instance, creating Tiktop videos and spreading it to a wider audience has a big contribution in making its viewers aware of it.

What Massage Therapists Need To Know When Working With Clients With HIV/AIDS

Getting a massage is one of the best ways to relax and restore the body and mind especially after a fatiguing day or week. For Many Koreans, a massage is something that many look forward to for a good R&R. This may be a reason why they love their jjimjilbang or Korean bathhouse, a one-stop-shop for rest and relaxation. Check out 부천마사지.

Koreans aren’t the only ones who love this spa treatment as a massage is enjoyed by many people around the globe who would want to get rid of stress and ease muscle tension. In fact, a massage is regarded as one of the oldest body healing practices. And because of the wonderful benefits of massage, this treatment isn’t only provided by upscale spas and health clubs, but also by hospitals, clinics, and health and wellness business.

Massage Therapists Working with Clients With HIV/AIDS

Massage therapy has immeasurable benefits which makes it an excellent healing therapy, even for individuals who have the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. The virus attacks and incapacitates the immune system of the body resulting in acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS leaving an individual susceptible to other various illnesses which aren’t typically a risk to people who are healthy.

Although massages could be administered to an individual with HIV/AIDS, there are precautions that massage therapists need to bear in mind. Below are some:

  • It is essential for massage therapists to be healthy so they don’t pose any threat in spreading any secondary infection to the massage client. If you aren’t feeling well, reschedule your appointment since HIV/AIDS clients are very much defenseless and prone to catching it as their immune system is impaired.
  • Be educated and informed of the pathology and etiology of HIV
  • Carry out an in-depth history of the client
  • Check the client for any cuts, scratches, open wounds, or bleeding
  • Keep nails trimmed so that they don’t accidentally or unintentionally scratch/graze the client
  • Pre and post massage, make certain that you thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water
  • Direct pressure shouldn’t be place on open lesions, on an area that is inflamed or on a client who has infection in the circulatory system. Do a massage that is point specific.
  • Always check on your client for nausea, dizziness or lightheadedness since they might experience a release of large amounts of toxins.

Cleaning Up HIV/AIDS Infected Blood

Blood spills can pose a threat to anyone who comes across the region. A practitioner should does cleaning up the blood. Wearing personal protection gear cordoning off the region, employing the disinfectant, and disposing of the bloodstream are solutions a well-trained blood cleaning team is going to do. To learn more about professional cleaning and housekeeping, visit شركة نظافة بجدة.

Cordon Away the Region

The very first thing to do will be cordon off the area affected by the blood somehow to help keep out animals and people before it could be washed and decontaminated. Professional cleaners need to be certain no one comes directly in touch with all the HIV/AIDS blood. You do not wish to risk of becoming contaminated.

Always Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Professionals clean constantly wears personal defense equipment (PPE) when coming on a scene in which HIV/Aids infected blood is current. The PPE would incorporate masks, gloves, and a body biohazard suit. The bloodstream cleanup technicians are donned before entering the scene. The PPE protects our teams when embracing the cleanup by contracting HIV. HIV is a very dangerous virus that develops to AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) through the years, affecting the immune system and making the individual more vulnerable to other diseases often resulting in death. The virus is spread by bodily fluids like breast milk, semen, vaginal fluids, and blood. It’s very important to get the right PPE whilst cleaning HIV blood up.

By using protective equipment such as medical gloves, protective facial wear, and biohazard suits, together with disposing of soiled material as biohazard waste shield ourselves and others from HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and a lot of different ailments.

Thorough Cleaning

When cleaning up, it requires keen attention to find speck and every fall of blood. Any splatter can be more difficult to find, although the region of blood could be evident. Technicians understand how to examine the region to be certain that each moment speck cleaned and is accounted for. Most surfaces can be washed. Things or any surfaces might need to be removed and properly ventilated and disposed of.

Utilize a Disinfectant That’s Rated to Kill HIV

There are disinfectants in the marketplace. It’s crucial to pick the proper disinfectant. Professional cleaners may be certain that the region is safe to come back to by employing a disinfectant that is rated for HIV/AIDS blood cleanup.

Disposal of HIV/Aids Infected Blood

It’s well-known that coming in touch may be harmful. Because of this, any product with the blood might not be thrown off in the garbage. Any product that has consumed the blood at all or comes in contact, has to be bagged and hauled to a facility for incineration. Disposal of blood is also essential to the population’s wellbeing and security. Blood is a regulated waste and has to be disposed of correctly. Professional cleaners adhere to all laws and regulations for proper disposal. They are licensed to wash, disinfect, transport, and dispose of.

Call a Professional HIV/AIDS Blood Cleanup

If the individual has been infected with HIV, tell the folks cleaning up about. It is still important information, although we at professionals take precautions when handling blood and other bodily fluids and we treat exactly what you inform us together with confidentiality and the utmost discretion.

HIV and Workplace

Thanks to HIV medication, people with HIV can now love, live, and work well and long. There is no risk of transmission in everyday working life, and on average people with HIV are no sicker than other employees. Agreements for a non-discriminatory coexistence are helpful.

Working with HIV

HIV is easily treatable. Thanks to HIV drugs, people with HIV can now live well and for a long time with the virus, and HIV therapies are usually well tolerated. If side effects occur, then especially in the first few weeks after starting therapy or changing therapy. Most people with HIV get along well with it and having fun with their work.

People with HIV work in any job

HIV cannot be transmitted in everyday life, not even at work. There is no risk of transmission for supervisors, colleagues, customers, and the people they are looking after.

This also applies to medical or dental facilities, in care and supply, in the catering and food industry as well as in the care of children, adolescents and others. The usual hygiene and occupational safety measures offer reliable protection against transmission. So people with HIV can do any job.

No responsibility to reveal your status to colleagues and employers

The question of an HIV infection may only be asked if it is relevant to the activity carried out. This is not the case for almost all professions.

The same applies to colleagues. All employees have a right to the protection of their privacy. This also includes personal health information. Since there is no risk of infection for colleagues, there is no obligation – not even a “moral” one – to inform them about an HIV infection.

Dealing openly with HIV can help

Coming out as HIV positive in the workplace can be a relief. If you have dared to come out positively, this can instill self-confidence and enable you to experience that you are accepted for who you are. You can also be relaxed when it comes to personal issues because you don’t have to be afraid that something will slip out of you.

However, you can only influence the reactions and attitudes of others to a limited extent. Often times they are better than expected. However, negative reactions are also possible.

HIV and Nutrition

Nutrition plays a significant part for everyone’s ability to resist disease and maintain and improve the health of the immune system. Healthful eating will reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer, and also helps you become active and keep a healthy weight.

Having HIV does not mean you need to make huge adjustments to your daily diet. But eating the ideal foods can make you feel better, have more energy and will keep bone fragments and your heart wholesome as you get old.
For a great deal of people living with HIV, superior nutrition is going to be the same as it may be for anyone else.

Food which are high in sugars and fat have to be consumed less frequently and in small quantities. Remember that studies proved that sugars feed the bad cells and can make you even sicker.In the event you’ve got  allergies and will need to depart gluten out from your diet, there are many fermented variants of meals accessible including pastas as well as breads. Select wholegrain variations over processed carbohydrates whenever possible. Wholegrain variations of pasta, grain, couscous, bread and cereals consist of fiber plus minerals and vitamins as well.

Fruit and veggies might help shield towards particular cancers and heart issues. They are low in body fat, thus if you’re usually trying to lose weight, increasing the percentage of your diet made of these is helpful.

Dairy goods products, such for example milk, cheese and yoghurt, provide vitamins, minerals and especially calcium. You should incorporate milk alternatives, or some milk . However, it should be consumed in tiny amounts, some dairy foods are high in saturated fats, or you might select lower-fat variations of cheese milk and yoghurt.

Should you stay away from dairy products, then those may be substituted with fortified soya, nut, rice, oat or coconut options. Be conscious enough and check the nutrition labels.

There are also studies that coffee halves the death risk of HIV patients. Read some mudwtr review if you love coffee and know about this substitute that has a better nutritional benefits.


HIV: Its Symptoms

Flu-like symptoms often develop shortly after infection with HIV. Nothing seems to happen after that. But the virus continues to multiply in the body and weakens the immune system. Without treatment, serious illnesses appear after several years. Prevention and early treatment should be taken seriously. Other infected individuals are checking medspa marketing to ask medical advices from health professionals.

If you suddenly experience flu symptoms a few days or a few weeks after exposure to HIV such as unprotected anal sex, or if you develop a rash on your back, stomach or chest or swell your lymph nodes, this could be a sign of freshness HIV infection.

Symptoms that may indicate fresh HIV infection:

  • Fatigue
  • Fever for several days
  • Headache, joint and muscle pain
  • Rashes on the abdomen, chest or back
  • Diarrhea
  • Heavy night sweats
  • aching tonsils, swollen lymph nodes
  • Mouth sores

Important: Such symptoms do not always occur or are not always noticed, and usually they do not all occur together.

Shortly after infection with HIV, the virus temporarily reproduces particularly rapidly in the body. The amount of virus is then very high in the mucous membranes and body fluids involved in sex between men (mucous membranes on the penis, rectum and front hole, blood, sperm and the fluid in the front hole). As a result, the risk of HIV transmission during unprotected sex is particularly high.

Antibody formation & test

Shortly after infection, the immune system recognizes the HI viruses as intruders and counters the body’s own defense cells and antibodies. An HIV test can detect antibodies. In this way it can be determined whether someone is infected with HIV, i.e. HIV positive.

An HIV test is usually an antibody search test. This means that he looks for antibodies to HIV in the blood that can be detected with a laboratory test no later than six weeks after infection, with a rapid test no later than twelve weeks. If a fresh infection is suspected, a test procedure can be used beforehand that directly detects the virus or virus components.

You can prove with certainty that you are not infected, i.e. HIV-negative, in the laboratory test after six weeks, in the rapid test after three months. In addition, eating healthy food essential is helpful.

Avoiding HIV and Lowering the Risks of getting it

There are several ways in which HIV can spread like through vaginal fluids, semen, blood or even breast milk. And sexual intercourse is one of the common ways of transmitting HIV, which is the same reason why using condoms whenever you try to get down in bad is extremely important. At the same time, you should never share needles with anyone, no matter if it is someone you know. It is okay though if wearing jeans for seniors is your style and that’s what you want to share.

Means to steer clear of HIV while having Sex

As mentioned just earlier, bodily contact with sexual fluids such as vaginal fluids and semen or blood is a common way for HIV to spread. Normally, when engaged in anal and vaginal sex. So, the only surefire way of avoiding HIV is by not having vaginal or anal sex.

Well of course, this is just impossible because sex is one thing that we humans need. This is why it is important to learn safe sex to prevent HIV.

In fact, making use of condoms significantly lowers your odds of catching HIV.

If you are about to have sex, then make sure you have a condom ready. It is the single best and most effective method of protecting yourself and your partner.

Risks Measure of Catching HIV

Though there are sexual activities that are a lot safer compared to others with regards to capturing HIV. The following activities are basically free of risks and never reported to cause HIV:

  • Masturbating
  • Touching the genitals of your partner
  • Dry humping or rubbing bodies against each other
  • Kissing
  • Oral sex with a condom or a dental dam
  • Using clean sex toys

On the other hand, the following activities have “low risk” of catching HIV meaning, they just caused handful of reported cases out of millions:

  • French kissing (if your partner with HIV has bleeding or sores in their mouth
  • Vaginal sex with condom
  • Anal sex with condom
  • Oral sex without dental dam or condom

Then again, vaginal or anal sex without protection has the highest risks of catching HIV for it exposes you to the virus. Just a quick note, it is easier for the virus to enter your body if you have openings, cuts or sores in your skin that vaginal fluids, semen or blood might get into.

Older Women Found To Be Infected With HIV

A woman was found to be infected with HIV after her partner died. A 58-year-old woman revealed how she was diagnosed with HIV after having unprotected sex in 2006 following a divorce. A night of flirting, a chance to get pretty and wear the best lipstick for older women. But it was also a night that changed her life forever.

Sue Riley of Shoreham, West Sussex, said she never considered contacting the virus, adding that she had not used contraception because she was menopausal, according to the Daily Mail. She claims that when she received the news she was very “nervous”. The woman kept the diagnosis secret for six years from her daughter, who was 8 at the time.

Her then-partner died of an HIV-induced illness. Sue explained that she did not use contraception while dating a man after she divorced because she did not consider getting pregnant. Sue tested positive in 2006 after breaking up with her partner. Shortly afterward, the man suffered from frequent infections, being hospitalized due to pneumonia, which led to the discovery of the virus.

Who is at risk of becoming infected with HIV today?

“This is the question that should guide our HIV prevention priorities and action plans. If in the late ’80s HIV infection was concentrated among children in orphanages, newborns transfused or injected with non-sterile equipment, today HIV infection has a completely different profile. The opinions of the general population are that those who become infected with HIV today are people who use injecting drugs, those who practice commercial sex or men who have sex with men… However, when we analyze the official data on new HIV cases in the last year, we are surprised to find that 63% of new cases are caused by sexual transmission between men and women. So, heterosexual relationships are the main way of transmitting HIV infection today “, said Ana-Maria Schweitzer, executive director at the Baylor Black Sea Foundation.

The main way of transmitting HIV infection is represented by heterosexual relations, according to the data provided by CNLAS in the report on the evolution of HIV / AIDS in 2018.

Ways of transmitting HIV infection

Heterosexual relationships are on the 1st place: 63% of the people who were diagnosed with the infection last year are heterosexual. Mostly, HIV infection is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact with a condom between women and men. In 2018, there was a slight increase in the number of HIV-positive HIV-positive people following unprotected heterosexual intercourse with a condom, from 62.13% in 2017.

Heterosexual, sexually active men are the main category of people who transmit the infection

In terms of gender distribution, 74% of those diagnosed with HIV in 2018 are men and 26% women. The distribution of new HIV / AIDS cases detected in 2018 by age shows the highest concentration of new cases in men in the age group 40 – 49 years, followed by men in the age group 30 – 34 years and that of men between 25 and 29 years old.

“There is a need for prevention programs that target these adult men, who have multiple unprotected sex, and who obviously do not test and do not use a condom as a means of protection. It is worrying that Romania has not had a national HIV / AIDS strategy for more than 7 years and that the concerted communication activities on this topic are practically non-existent. In this context, we can expect the general spread of HIV among the general population “, added Ana-Maria Schweitzer.

Africa’s Growing Population of Young Video Gamers Continues to Attract Attention

Africa has been in the crosshairs of major game developers for years, considering the continuing increase in the number of video gamers in the region.

Africa’s huge potential as a lucrative gaming market does not go unnoticed because so far, the continent is the only geographical location in the world that sees a constant rise in youth population.

The current estimate is that by 2050, the numbers will increase by 50 percent at the least. After all, the youth is a key factor to the growth of the global gaming industry in any region. That is also the reason why many of Africa’s local startup developers are into producing African-themed gaming content.

As of 2017, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa rank highly for having the largest gaming revenues in all of Africa; having generated annual revenues of over $100 million in video game sales. Nigeria is at the top of the list as the video gaming industry in this region generated more than US$ 119,664,000 during the year.

Riot Games Taking Steps to Strengthen Connection with MENA Video Gamers

In December 2019, Riot Games hosted “The Nexus” in Riyadh, the first official League of Legends tournament in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region. In a press release, Riot Games METAI General Manager Onur Tamer had announced that “The Nexus” is just the beginning of Riot Games’ plans for delivering local experience and support to the communities of players across the MENA region.

Although Riot’s beta version of its newest first-person shooter, action RPG “Valorant” was not made available to MENA video gamers, the company gives assurance that when the official version arrives in the region, the launch will be supported by several 128-tick servers and data centers. “Valorant” is set to launch this summer, and Riot promises to publish important notifications way ahead of “Valorant’s” official launch.

Zaros Ready to Provide Gaming Support

Inasmuch as Riot Games has made it known that “Valorant’ will come across as a highly competitive game, since there are plans to add the FPS title to the world of esports gaming, Zaros is also making it known that they are ready to provide its services. The group already has a team of top-ranked gamers who can help players advance in the Valorant Ranked System and at the same time, provide assistance to those seeking to achieve Valorant improvement.

Upon registration at the Zaros website at, players will be given access to the Members Area where they can communicate directly with the booster assigned to play on their behalf. Moreover, registered members will be allowed to view any ongoing game being played in their account, as well as receive updates on how the Zaros boosting service is progressing.

Education And Proper Guidance For The Youth To Avoid STD And HIV

about the SHSATMany students make serious preparations to know more about the SHSAT.

In the NYC, there are nine specialized high schools. Taking and passing the Specialized High School Admissions Test or the SHSAT is the only decisive factor for students to gain admission in one of these specialized high schools. The only specialized high school that don’t rely on the SHSAT is the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts as it requires a portfolio or audition for admission.

The SHSAT which is administered by the Department of Education of New York City is only and is only offered to residents of New York City who are entering the 8th grade. Incoming 9th grade students may also take the SHSAT for the 9th grade. However, slots for the 9th grade SHSAT are very limited in these specialized high schools.

Education and Proper Guidance for the Youth

The SHSAT is a great opportunity for many 8th and 9th grade residing in New York City, which is why preparing for it is crucial. Regardless, whether a student goes to a specialized or non-specialized high school, being educated and properly guided would greatly help teens and adolescents to stay away from STI, STD or HIV.

Sadly, many teens and adolescence engage in sexual activities which opens the risk for them to catch such infections and diseases as well as teenage and unwanted pregnancies.

educate and guide adolescentsThis world today where the young are growing up isn’t similar to that of their parents or their grandparents. This is especially true in developing countries where things are quickly shifting. Although many of the youth enter their adolescence earlier as well as healthier, HIV has quickly spread all over the world, especially in developing places which destroys vulnerable lives as well as ruining and spoiling the structure of societies during the process.

HIV does not choose any gender. However, young women deal with a dual challenge. Aside from the dangers of HIV, morbidity and mortality associated to pregnancy, delivery as well as unsafe abortion continue to be among the major risks to the health of young women.

Hence, with the changing times, education and proper guidance is very crucial for the youth and the society to stay safe and healthy and become productive members of the society.

Does HIV cause Baldness?

HIV is a contamination that assaults the invulnerable framework and causes a few side effects and inconveniences. In spite of the fact that individuals with HIV may encounter  hair fall from the head and even facial hair from  Joe´s Finest Erfahrung, it’s anything but a commonplace side effect.

HIV doesn’t commonly cause male pattern baldness in individuals who are accepting treatment and having a sound existence. Be that as it may, numerous individuals with HIV can encounter diminishing hair disconnected to the condition.

Individuals with HIV getting prescription currently have a close ordinary future. Many may encounter male pattern baldness as they become more seasoned.

Thyroid brokenness is another basic condition influencing individuals with HIV. Unusual degrees of thyroid hormones can trigger male pattern baldness.

Telogen effluvium

Telogen exhaust is a type of transitory male pattern baldness that happens after an upsetting or horrendous mishap.

Telogen hair will be hair that is never again developing and is resting. At any one time, up to 10 percent of an individual’s hair is in the telogen stage.

In instances of telogen emanation, individuals experience abundance shedding of the telogen hair from the scalp, normally around 3 months after an activating occasion. This male pattern baldness is diffuse, which means it happens everywhere throughout the scalp.

Individuals with HIV can be particularly powerless to telogen exhaust because of physical or enthusiastic stressors, including poor sustenance, a contamination, or the difficulties of living with a ceaseless ailment.

Male pattern baldness as a prescription symptom

Before, HIV prescriptions generally brought about male pattern baldness. In any case, more current HIV drugs known as antiretroviral treatment (ART) don’t for the most part lead to diminishing hair. Craftsmanship commonly causes less reactions by and large and can forestall the manifestations, movement, and transmission of HIV.

In any case, different prescriptions that individuals with HIV may need to take for co-happening conditions may bring about male pattern baldness.

Individuals who experience symptoms from any medications ought to talk about their interests with a specialist. Frequently, the advantages of taking the drug exceed the uneasiness of symptoms, yet a specialist may likewise have the option to recommend another option.


Prevention HIV Remains a Matter of Pills and Behavior

Treating HIV/Aids Properly and Keeping You Safe From Infected Person

There are more and more means to properly treat an HIV infection, but now there is also a way to keep you protected from infected person. Christiana Nöstlinger, affiliated with the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, is researching with her team how people can be guided towards the best possible use of this preventive agent, and for that research receives support from the Fund for scientific research against AIDS, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.Aids, Hiv, Awareness, Charity, Health, Organization

The number of new HIV infections in our country is falling year after year. Although according to the latest figure it is still about 900 people a year, it is one of the many signals that the medical world is increasingly controlling HIV and therefore the development of AIDS. “What we see in the recent figures is the success of combination prevention, the use of different preventive strategies, adapted to the person, the phase of his life, his or her sexuality needs,” says Christiana Nöstlinger.

No more passing on

Hence the importance of being tested as soon as people think that they have run a risk. “It is very important to know that you have HIV, so that you can start treatment immediately. This means that your health remains much better: people with HIV who take antiretroviral drugs now have almost the same life expectancy as people without HIV. And an additional effect is that you no longer pass on the virus if the virus burden drops below a detectable level. Internationally people speak of ‘treatment as prevention’. ”

However, this has not completely broken the chain. There are still people who do not know (yet) that they have HIV and can therefore pass on the virus. Moreover, the virus is just the strongest at the start of the infection and therefore the most contagious. Hence the importance of a real preventive medicine that protects you against HIV.

Being HIV-Positive Does Not Mean You Should Stop Living Your Life

No matter how hard we deny it, the stigma towards people living with HIV (PLHIV) is very real. Over the years, studies have already been conducted to give us a clear picture of how HIV is spread from one person to another, and yet some people still choose to believe that being infected with HIV is a hopeless case, and therefore the society must isolate those who are already infected from everything. This is the sad reality that PLHIV have to endure: facing the cruel treatment of the world while fighting off the negative physiological effects of the virus to their bodies.

The good news is that PLHIV have better chances to survive the infection now, all thanks to the hardwork of our medical professionals. Before, being diagnosed with HIV is like a death sentence, thus making the infected person give up on everything in his or her life. Today, PLHIV have better life expectancy compared to the cases in the previous decades. The only problem PLHIV have to deal with now is the negative perception of the world towards them and the poor understanding of other people about their condition.

Being Checked, Accepting The Diagnosis, And Start With The Medication: The First Steps Towards Healing

Based on studies, many people are not aware that they are already carrying HIV. One reason for this is because they are afraid to know whether they contacted the virus. Chances are some people already have an idea that they might be infected, but all the mental and emotional burden of confronting the disease prevents them from having a test. Some might also think that being diagnosed with HIV is a bad joke coming from a prank call website. Now, if the test turns out to be positive, the next step is to fully embrace the situation and accepting the reality, although a harsh one, that you already have it.

There is no time to feel regrets for being irresponsible or anything that led you to becoming a PLHIV, but the goal for you is to begin with the medication as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, some people are not very educated enough about HIV, as they still think that having the virus means that you only have a few years or months to live. This is just not true. With proper medication and lifestyle changes to help your body recover from the infection, there is actually a big chance for an HIV/AIDS victim to fully recover. There is no reason for you to lock yourself in your bedroom and wallow in self-pity. You can still continue with your life and enjoy the things that you love doing.

On your way to recovery, the next fight that must be dealt with is the stigma towards PLHIV. The best way to confront all the misconceptions and judgements is to spread awareness using the social media.

Get Tested before Everything’s too Late

HIV is a type of virus that is affecting a person’s immune system, most specifically the CD4 cells. There is no easy or simple treatment to this as if when you are finding cheap mobile repair stores. Because having HIV puts people in an emotional roller coaster on how they would react to the situation. In essence, CD4 is helping to protect the body from any illness. Compared to other known viruses that our immune system can ward off, HIV couldn’t be simply eliminated by our immune system.

HIV symptoms are varying from one person to the other. There are no two people who have HIV will experience similar symptoms. On the other hand, HIV would follow the pattern below:

  • Asymptomatic period
  • Advanced infection and;
  • Acute illness

Let us discuss further some of the symptoms mentioned.

Acute Illness

About 80% of people who contracted HIV are experiencing flu-like symptoms within 2 to 4 weeks. This flu-like illness is otherwise known as an acute HIV infection. In the stage of HIV infection, this is considered as the primary stage of HIV and it could lasts until the body created antibodies to fight the virus.

There are several common symptoms for this phase including body rash, sore throat, severe headaches, fever with the less known symptoms consists of joint pain, muscle aches, ulcers in genitals or mouth, swollen lymph nodes, vomiting and nausea as well as night sweats. In most cases, the symptoms are lasting for a week or two.

Anyone who has these signs and thinking that they might have contracted HIV must consider to set an appointment with their healthcare provider and be tested.

Asymptomatic Period

Once the initial symptoms subside, HIV might not cause additional symptoms for the following months or maybe years. Throughout this time, it is when the virus becomes more dangerous because it is starting to replicate and start to weaken the host’s immune system. Someone who is at this stage would look completely fine, healthy and active. But they can be a carrier of the virus and infect others. This is the main reason why doing early testing is extremely important even to those who feel completely fine.

The Most Important Info About HIV Treatment In Brief

People have long misunderstood the treatment for HIV treatment. In this short post let’s take a brief look at the most important details you should know about HIV treatment.

Why HIV Treatment Matters?

  • HIV is easy to treat. HIV drugs suppress the multiplication of viruses in the body and thus prevent the occurrence of AIDS.
    If treatment is started on time, there is a good chance of a normal life expectancy with a good quality of life.
  • The care of HIV therapy should be carried out by specialized focus practices or clinics. There you are familiar with the regular check-ups.
  • The medication must be taken regularly and for the rest of your life based on current knowledge. A cure has not yet been possible.
  • With successful HIV therapy, HIV is not transferable even during sex. People with HIV can also become parents naturally thanks to the treatment.

What Are The Skin Problems Common To People With HIV/AIDS

For people suffering from HIV or inflicted with the AIDS virus, they are prone to common skin conditions that’s why tanning is not advised or even tanning with tablets (Teesora) is advisable. Kaposi sarcoma, a yeast infection, and the herpes simplex virus are caused by microbes that take benefit from a prone immune system. Therefore they are referred to as “opportunistic” microbe infections. Others, similar to photodermatitis, could possibly be linked to illness caused by the overactive immune system as it revives during antiretroviral drug treatment options or because of drugs themselves.

Dermatology in HIV

Common skin problems linked to HIV/AIDS

Herpes simplex virus
Various kinds of herpes trojans are common throughout individuals with AIDS. Herpes simplex viral episodes cause the outbreak involving sores throughout the genital spot or the mouth. Herpes zoster viral toxins is a result of the same trojan that causes chickenpox. It can also result in shingles, a very painful sizzling rash at one side about the body. Typically the herpes simplex virus disease is often provided with antiviral prescription drugs.

Kaposi sarcoma
This is a sort of cancer beginning in the tissue from the lymph or arterial blood vessels. Kaposi sarcoma causes dim lesions across the skin, that might look as black, purple, or possibly red pads. Kaposi sarcoma may also cause swelling to the skin. It can also affect different organs including the liver, parts of the digestive tract. It can cause lethal symptoms and breathing problems.

The skin problem usually arises when CD4 lymphocyte (also called T4 cell) count is extremely low, meaning that your own personal immune system is in fact severely sensitive. The skin ailment is a characteristic related to AIDS. Highly lively antiretroviral drugs have lowered the chance of Kaposi sarcoma and may also help tackle it if it accumulates. This cancer typically responds to radiation, medical procedures, and radiation treatment.

Molluscum contagiosum
This is a highly infectious skin infection which might be passed on through skin-to-skin contact, simply by sharing bedding, or just by touching a similar object. Molluscum contagiosum results to pink or maybe flesh-colored protrusions on the skin pores. In people who have HIV/AIDS, an excess of 100 humps may occur.

Although bumps are likely to be harmless, they will not go away without any treatment if you have AIDS. Your doctor should freeze bumps by applying liquid nitrogen (cryosurgery) or maybe use Lazer or relevant ointment to stop the disease. The procedure will generally be recurrent every some weeks possibly even until these kinds of are gone.

Oral furry leukoplakia
This is actually the viral disease that has an effect on the mouth. It might cause solid, white wounds on the is usually a that appearance hairy. It is particularly repeated in people, as well as AIDS, diagnosed with an extremely destabilized immune system. Common hairy leukoplakia doesn’t need a specific cure but treatment on HIV can improve your defense process and help fight the infection.

This is a skin condition in which the epidermis reacts so that you can exposure to sunshine by transforming darker throughout color. Really most common in persons of coloring, but you aren’t HIV is often susceptible to photodermatitis. If you’re having medications to boost immune durability, you may have this kind of reaction is a side effect. Shielding the skin inside the sun is often the method used to lessen photodermatitis.

Prurigo nodularis
This kind of skin condition consists of outbreaks regarding itchy, crusted lumps concerning the skin. Often the itching could be intense as well as severe. Prurigo nodularis is very common with really weakened resistant systems, in addition to among people regarding color using HIV/AIDS. Relevant steroid remedy (lotions or even creams placed right on often the skin) along with managing HIV/AIDS with antiretroviral drugs are more comfortable with treat the actual disorder.

Yeast infection
Oral candida Albicans, also known as candida Albicans, is an infection that causes some sort of thick bright layer so as to create on the vocabulary or within cheeks. Candida can be succeeded with antifungal medications, oral cavity lozenges, along with mouth rinses. It is quite well-liked in people combined with AIDS and they are difficult to manage because the condition tends to revisit. Taking effective HIV prescription medication usually boosts this condition.

Antiretroviral prescription drugs can help protect against and cope with some of these varieties of skin situations. Other epidermis area conditions might be triggered by the procedure and demand other therapies. Talk with your personal doctor about the ideal therapy on your particular skin area ailment.

Preventing HIV And STD

Air conditioning installation could provide better indoor air quality, especially when it is regularly cleaned and maintained. Air conditioners could clean the air in the room by eliminating dust, microorganisms, as well as any particles that could be present in the air in the room.

Since air is circulated and filtered by air conditioners, it removes impurities, molds and allergens from the air. For individuals suffering from allergies as well as asthma, this is particularly significant as it lessens the irritants that set off an attack. But, if your unit isn’t maintained and cleaned, it could actually be a contributing factor to air pollution in the indoors.

However, there are certain illnesses that air conditioners couldn’t help alleviate and relieve, HIV is one. HIV is a kind of virus that harms and impairs the immune system, which is responsible for helping out the body fight and ward off infections. If left untreated, CD4 cells are infected and killed. CD4 cells are a kind of immune cell known as T cells. Over the course of time, as the virus destroys more T cells, the body is more susceptible and vulnerable to acquire various forms of infections as well as cancers.

HIV and STD Prevention

There are means to prevent and avoid HIV. However, it isn’t merely about adhering to these directives. It is being knowledgeable about yourself and the person you are, your beliefs, and when and how to act so as to shield yourself as well as others from the infection and virus. It entails an approach that is well-versed and holistic, an approach which allows you to fully comprehend the ABCs of the infection as well as to make sure that it never comes to pass. Here are a few:

Recognize the Risks

Well-informed prevention begins by means of getting the facts straight, being aware of the how the virus is transmitted, as well as distinguishing which undertakings could place you in jeopardy.

Take Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

PrEP is a approach for prevention in which the everyday usage of an antiretroviral pill could considerably lessen the risk of an individual to get the virus. The evidence-based method is regarded as a significant element of a general prevention approach as well as a way to decrease the rate of infection where the population is exposed to the risk.

Use Protection

When it comes to protection such as the use of condoms, there is no excuse to be negligent or lax. Apart from abstaining from intercourse, making use of condoms is yet the most dependable and reliable means of pregnancy prevention, HIV, as well as other diseases that are transmitted sexually.

Watch the video below for more ways to prevent HIV and STDs:

Indonesia’s Motorcycle Drivers spread awareness on HIV/AIDS

Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation, has the fourth-largest variety of new HIV infections annually: that the World Health Organization quotes which 73,000 individuals are infected annually, just behind China, India, and Russia. Where HIV incidence is rising, up from individuals with HIV from 2000 to a now it’s also the only nation from the area. HIV prevalence remains low in the overall populace at 0.5 percent but is projected to be 39 percent in people who inject drugs, 12.8 percent in males who have sex with males, 7.4 percent in transgender girls and 7.2 percent in female sex workers.

It had been estimated that just 10-20percent of Indonesians with HIV were receiving ART by the end of 2016. So the researchers chose to evaluate plans to enhance HIV care’s cascade in associates of populations that were important.

Regardless of the problem, Indonesia continues to scale up HIV prevention efforts, focusing on inhabitants that are crucial. Statistics in 16 cities around Indonesia reveal that attempts to boost accessibility to condoms for sexual workers–and their use has decreased the amount of sexually transmitted diseases, by way of instance, syphilis, and decreased the possibility of HIV transmission.

Community-led and community-centered providers are currently revealing effects. By way of instance, regardless of the complicated and sensitive cultural context on the problem of sex between guys, the Bali Medika Clinic at Kuta (Bali) is seen by neighborhood groups as favorable to these men and women. Within the last couple of decades, it has witnessed an increasing number of customers taking up its testing and counseling referral and service.

In accord with this get specialist course, although a ride about town around HIV and AIDS.

The lesson generally begins when passengers inquire motorist Nurjaya, 34, in regards to the message published on the rear part of his dark blue coat, which states “Wherever I go, I’m mindful of AIDS.”

In accordance with ojek drivers, passengers ask about the virus which causes AIDS, HIV is spread. They wonder whether the ojek drivers aren’t of ferrying customers terrified. “HIV isn’t spread by speaking to AIDS sufferers. It’s transmitted via sexual intercourse, blood transfusions or even every time a pregnant girl passes the virus to her unborn or newborn breastfed kid,” states Nurjaya.

He also discovered this advice, he shares passengers, from coaching seminars arranged by the non-governmental Yayasan Pelita Ilmu (Pelita Ilmu Foundation) to make people conscious about HIV/AIDS at a neighborhood level.

The base issued the coats to ojek drivers and gave them more stuff about HIV/AIDS to take along. Like most Indonesians, Nurjaya knows or did not know the truth about this pandemic. In reality, until he attended the base’s convention since he could get ill as 35, his spouse, Nurjanah guided him chose to not take individuals with AIDS.

Reputation at a shed, Nurjaya maintains that a sub-district at South Jakarta where he plies his path, the inhabitants of Tebet comprehend folks. “Residents of the community are not fearful of individuals with AIDS and that makes me happier,” states Nurjaya, among 50 ojek drivers educated by Yayasan Pelita Ilmu to HIV/AIDS info.

YPI started conducting coaching for ojek drivers with funding assistance from the Ford Foundation. The 10- year old YPI also conducts a community service center in Asem Baris Raya for individuals living with AIDS called “Sanggar Kerja” or temporary shield.

When a few individuals with AIDS whined that ojek drivers refused to accept them YPI idea of employing the ojek drivers since AIDS campaigners. “I did not wish to attract the AIDS sufferers home for fear I would get infected by HIV,” admits 41-year-old Supardi, yet another ojek driver. However, Tebet residents’ mindset changed from rejection. These drivers could help spread information such as the issues. As motorcycle drivers must be mindful to wear sturdy motorcycle helmets for protection, so as the people to be aware of AIDS/HIV issue for them not to get the virus.


Having a Baby and HIV

A plethora of ways that can heighten the probability of a woman to conceive a baby are up for grabs. In order to enhance fertility, an advisable step would be to take good care of the body. However, the most important advice on conception is to deeply understand her body, most especially the menstrual period.


It is very important for a women trying to conceive to know the length of her monthly cycles. This is essential to exactly plan the intercourse to be able to get pregnant.



But, what about if the woman who is trying to conceive is an HIV positive? Do they have special things to consider in getting pregnant? The good news is women with HIV are still able to conceive in a healthy way and can also deliver healthy babies without passing on the virus.


HIV and a plan to have a baby


Recommendations and tips for HIV positive patients who are trying to conceive are similar to those other women who also planning to have a little one. However, there are additional steps to take into considerations to be able to lower the jeopardy of passing on the HIV virus.



  • HIV patients’ prerogative for conceiving will primarily be based on their health and the partner’s HIV condition.
  • The physician will advise beginning with an HIV treatment on the very start of pregnancy.




The choice of a woman with HIV for getting pregnant will generally be based on her health situation. It is one of the best options to discuss the pregnancy plan with an HIV doctor to receive specific advice based on her needs. But, some of the general pregnancy information would still be applicable to them.


All women, including an HIV positive one, who want to conceive are recommended to consume a daily intake of the supplement folic acid. This will assist in the development of healthy cells inside the body. Remember, taking supplements are advisable to all women trying to get pregnant until the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy.


Passing on the HIV virus to the partner would not be a major concern as there are various options available. An important thing to do is to discuss this to your partner and discuss for options that both of you would be comfortable with as it is also a time to be educated with HIV. Moreover, the assurance of having an up-to-date health screening regarding your sexual status is essential regardless of the options that both of you chose to adopt.


Breaking the Stigma: HIV/AIDS

In this new day and age, many people still have a hazed view of AIDS & HIV and all the things that it revolves around. Often times, one uses this as an adjective, something that describes someone. This is most definitely not the case; people are worth more than the labels that are associated with these viruses and diseases.

Stigma hurts everybody. It creates an atmosphere of angst and bias toward people; people who are worth more than just a disease.

It is good to know that as each day passes, more and more effort is shown to support and break the stigma of AIDS and the like.

Now, thousands of organizations around the world work hand in hand to shed light on topics that have been previously misjudged and overlooked by many.  Soon, through a collective effort, we can hopefully live in a world free of this stigma.


How HIV is Acquired and Transmitted?

HIV Positive

There are only limited ways on how HIV can be transmitted or acquired. While the virus itself can be prevented through exercise like using gym equipment from and diet, it is still important that you make yourself aware of how to keep it at bay.

How a Person Gets HIV?

The bodily fluids of an individual with a virus are where you can initially get HIV. These include the following:

  • Blood
  • Semen and pre-seminal fluid
  • Rectal fluids/anal mucous
  • Vaginal fluids
  • Breastmilk

For a person to catch HIV, these fluids have to be passed into the blood via mucous membrane; for example, the opening of the penis, lining of the vagina or through the rectum, it can also be shared by injecting equipment or via broken skin like sores or cuts in the mouth or even tears around the anal area. However as for other bodily fluids similar to sweat, urine or saliva, there’s not enough of the virus that it can be transmitted from one to the other.

Someone who has HIV and with undetectable viral load, which means effective treatment lowered the amount of the virus in the blood to a level where it can’t be detected by average blood test can’t pass on HIV. On the other hand, for someone who has detectable viral load, they may pass the virus to other people whether they are showing symptoms or not.

Common Scenarios HIV is Passed On

Basically, HIV is more infectious in its first few weeks of infection. At such time, a lot of people are not aware of their status. The primary channels that a person can acquire HIV are through the following:

  • Sex without the use of a condom
  • Unprotected sex with someone who has HIV
  • Sharing an injecting equipment
  • Sharing syringes, needles or any other equipment that’s used in preparing and injecting drugs with someone who has the virus
  • Passed from the mother to her baby during breastfeeding, childbirth and pregnancy
  • Contaminated blood transfusions as well as transplants of tissue/organ
  • Receiving blood products, blood transfusion or tissue/organ transplants that are contaminated with the virus

Though so long as safety practices are always put in place, the chance of transmitting HIV from one person to the other is very slim.

How People With HIV Respond to COVID-19

These are uncertain times especially for people whose Immune System is compromised.

People with HIV are among them. Those who suffer from HIV are more at risk to have the virus’ complications making them more vulnerable. In other words, it’s a double whammy that brings out more fear and should be one of the main reasons to keep safe. It would be almost unimaginable to having your immune system in the depths then to know that you also have been infected with a virus so strong that could lead to almost certain death.

How People With HIV Respond to COVID-19 – Judith Feinberg, HIVMA

The Revelation of a Vlogger on Russian HIV Epidemic

Man wearing red ribbon


It is called HIV back in Russia, the epidemic no one is talking about, and it has gotten people about.

The sobering, almost two-hour video from the popular movie writer Yury Dud, is credited for sparking an uptick in issue in Russia: by again in the amount of Russians being examined for HIV because the movie was uploaded into an explosion in HIV-related online searches.

That is in a state in which health specialists and authorities critics accuse the government of downplaying the issue, and also where over 1 million individuals are infected with the virus which may cause AIDS.

Dud, a 33-year-old sports site editor at his other project, has gathered a following of over 6.9 million readers because his YouTube station, vDud, started in February 2017 (if you also want to start gathering subscribers on your YouTube channel, consider to buy subscribers to get you started). It provides interviews with pop stars and other characters for example one concerning the school siege in the city of Beslan, to documentaries.

Interest in the most current job of Dud has spilled out past the audience and in the hallways of power.

A deputy head of the State Duma wellness committee stated he had been impressed by the job of Dud he coordinated a screening of the movie at parliament’s lower house. Some abandoned, also that members revealed, underscored what activists and specialists say is the absence of importance and urgency the government places on resolving the AIDS epidemic of the country.

According to statistics in December 2019, the range of individuals stood at only 1 million. Dud provides other people including the simple fact that in 2018, 37,000 individuals in Russia died of AIDS, an average of 100, and supposes that statistic. These figures flash across the display in the documentary of Dud.

The information confirms Russia is currently confronting a severe HIV issue. UNAIDS calculates that between 2015 and 2010, Russia accounted for over 80% of HIV infections in the Eastern European and Central Asian areas.

A point the finger at President Vladimir Putin, who was prime minister as 1999, accusing him of paying attention since it’s increased. In an article from the paper Novaya Gazeta titled British Silence, sociologist Iskander Yasaveyev composed the 1.4 million HIV disease cases enrolled in Russia as 1987, approximately 750,000 were listed after 2012, the year that he returned into the Kremlin following a stint at the No. 2 post.

HIV At Russia, The Epidemic No One Is Talking About unlocks with Dud creating a statement where he predicts HIV an ignored problem which “impacts every one of us” Dud Wondering just a camp at town refused to sponsor a bunch of kids in 2019’s summertime had been contaminated with HIV. It smacked of the sort of discrimination individuals with AIDS and HIV in Russia confront.

Elsewhere in the movie, Dud interviews individuals infected with HIV in addition to their spouses. Topics run the gamut from kids, HIV and drug usage, myths regarding the transmission of this virus the condition of gender education in schools, and also the government’s reaction to everything.

Miracle Employee

This Dud has struck a chord became evident as users marveled after it had been submitted on February 11 on YouTube, and the opinion numbers clicked.

Within two days, it had gathered almost 8 million viewpoints.

According to The Moscow Times, the number of hunts to get five terms taken up by February 13 globally with a percent.

The news website TJournal noted that a greater interest was enrolled by pharmacies at Russia for HIV test kits among clients.

As Fryoken stated that curiosity in HIV testing in the drugstore was upward A Twitter user recognized.

“Within the previous two days, I have been asked in the work seven days about the state HIV test. Until then, within the eight decades of working in the drugstore, I was asked concerning this evaluation possibly once, but I am not convinced,” she wrote. “That is exactly what the miracle-worker Dud has completed.”

One of Dud’s work lovers was one of the State Duma. Fedot Tumusov, head of the Health Protection Committee of the State Duma and a lawmaker in A Russia celebration, arranged a screening of this movie.

“Dud created a remarkable movie and I believed it was crucial that deputies can see it to increase awareness of this issue,” Tumusov told state news agency TASS.

Hunts to get five terms concerning HIV tests’ amount taken up by February 13 globally with a percent, according to The Moscow Times. (file picture )

Hunts to get five terms regarding HIV tests’ amount taken up by February 13 globally with a percent, according to The Moscow Times. (file picture )

However, it soon became evident that his excitement was not shared by a lot of his deputies.

A Communist Party deputy, Valery Rashkin, let it be understood he was delighted with viewing the movie.

“And for Valentine’s Day, we created an odd choice in the State Duma. We’re being exhibited Yury Dud’s picture,” he also wrote.

In the long run, just a smattering of Duma members turned around to the movie, a dejected Tumusov advised following the screening.

“Some arrived. They saw a bit but did not stay until the finish. I suppose it just was not interesting for them,” Tumusov informed the Russian information portal site.


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Interest was voiced by at least one official Even though Dud’s movie may have spanned a yawn from the Duma.

Aleksei Kudrin, a longtime former finance minister and current chairman of the Audit Chamber, also a fiscal supervision body, imputed Dud by creating a”much-needed film about HIV in Russia.”

“Yury Dud has created a philosophical film about HIV in Russia. Over 1 million individuals are now infected. In 2018, 37,000 died of AIDS. Compare that. #HIV within our nation remains a far more real danger,” Kudrin composed on Twitter on February 16.

In Another tweet, Kudrin pledged the Audit Chamber would examine authorities’ attempts to fight HIV. ​

Not Lepers

And he encouraged the vlogger to talk, according to news agency RIA Novosti and has scheduled a debate there as they attempt to arrange a screening of the movie of Dud in the Duma of Tumusov fell level. On February 19it had been uncertain if Dud could attend.

The head of the Federal AIDS Center of Russia, At exactly the RIA Novosti report, Vadim Pokrovsky — that has championed moves to deal with the issue — stated the movie of Dud made an effect.

“Interest in evaluation and therapy has exploded. There is little doubt about this,” he explained. “There were a whole great deal of perspectives [of the movie ], and most became anxious about whether they possess the HIV disease”

Since money is allocated by the Health Ministry’s budget Pokrovsky reported the number of folks in Russia receiving therapy this season should grow between 100,000 to 200,000.

The spike in focus indicates that the movie of Dud could measure up pressure on the police to deal with the HIV disaster.

In the movie, a former drug user who died while it had been produced, Katya, talked of their need.

“We’re not lepers,” she explained. “I expect there will be a completely free flow of information”

How To Choose The Best Mattress To Manage Sleep Disturbances In People Living With HIV (PLWH)

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) and Insomnia are typical sleeping disorders observed in the principal care of People Living With HIV (PLWH). While there are present studies being conducted to treat these disorders, there are other things that can be done to help PLWH get proper sleep. And this is not true only to PLWH but also to anyone trying to get a good night rest.

We spend eight hours a day in bed. For this reason it is very vital that you select a bed mattress that could be both pleasurable for rest and good for a healthy back. Bed mattress plays an important role not just in the sleep quality, but even in health.

If you wake up with back pain, it’s a sign that it’s time to change the old mattress with a new one. Experiencing pain in the back is an sign that your mattress is not giving you the proper support your back needs.

Many people complain of back or middle pain. Fortunately, if you are among them, you can take steps to prevent back pain and improve your position during sleep. Among these steps is deciding on the best mattress.

A Personal Choice

No two people are the same. We all have our own needs. One of the most common mistakes many couples make is choosing a double mattress for both of them to sleep on. A man, 1.80 m – 1.90 m and 100 kg tall will need a different type of mattress than a 1.65 m woman, who weighs 64 kg.

In the same way, some people are blessed with a healthy back, while others are more delicate. People who suffer from back, spine or middle problems have difficulty finding the right mattress, while for the healthy it is easier. That is why it is extremely important to choose the right mattress.

Those who have had back problems should be careful when choosing the mattress. Until now, there was the preconceived notion that a firm mattress is the best option for the back. Not true. In fact, there are no set rules when choosing your mattress.

Position of the Spine

Even if you don’t have to follow certain rules when replacing your mattress, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The position of the spine is extremely important when you opt for a certain mattress. You need to consider both the position of the spine when you are lying on your back and when you are sitting on your side.

When you are sitting on your back, it is good for the back and middle to have contact with the mattress and to be supported by it. Ask your partner to place his hand under your waist when you lie on your back. He should not be able to easily place his palm under your back. The mattress should offer some resistance. If the palm does not have full contact with the mattress, then it is too firm. Then try to sleep on your side. Also, ask someone to evaluate how the spine rests on the mattress. The column should stand completely straight, without any arching.

You should also consider your needs and what you expect from a new mattress. For example, if you enjoy reading in bed or watching TV, you will often sit in a raised position. In this case, you should have a bed with a headboard.

Test The New Mattress Before Buying It

When buying a mattress, it is very important to test it beforehand and see how you feel when you lie on it. Visit a store specializing in mattresses, for you to select and test out a number of designs prior to decision. Or you can visit Do not sacrifice quality on the bed mattress. You may spend a good deal of time in bed to rest and recharge. Therefore, a correct position during sleep is very important.

What are the Health Benefits of Playing Baseball?

Playing baseball is an excellent and effective full-body cardiovascular exercise. Baseball fortifies the muscles of the heart, arms, and legs, and improves deftness. That being said, it does a great job of preventing diseases. Baseball athletes get numerous physical and mental advantages while taking an interest in the game. Find four advantages of playing baseball or softball that keeps up a sound way of life.

Establish Strong Arms

Athletes can improve chest area quality rapidly from swinging, getting, and tossing a baseball. Tossing and swinging a baseball with a high-quality baseball bat from Baseball Bible needs enough strength and support from the triceps, biceps, shoulders, and chest muscles.

Improve Mental Focus and Concentration

Baseball isn’t where players are continually moving like they are in soccer or b-ball, yet there is apparently progressively mental focus required. Players need to focus on the number of outs, the player on base and the score when they are perched on the seat. At the point when a player is on the field, they have to watch out for the ball and know when the time has come to hurry to the following base.

Daylight Vitamin

The body generates vitamin D normally when it’s presented to the daylight. Getting enough nutrient D is fundamental for the development and improvement of solid bones and pivotal to ensure the body retains and processes calcium to battle diseases.  Baseball is an outside game, which implies players spend most of the game under the sun.

Baseball has numerous medical advantages for the brain, body, and soul. Playing baseball is an amazing chance to build and establish strong muscle, increment focus, and get your heart siphoning. What’s more, like most games, it urges players to settle on better wellbeing related life decisions to improve their athletic exhibition.

Promote Strong Legs

From tossing to hunching down, the sport of baseball draws in your hamstrings, glutes, and lower leg muscles. Baseball needs short sprays of running from base to base followed by a couple of moments of rest as players trust that the following hitter will hit.

Keeping Yourself Safe and Free from HIV

The effective prevention of HIV does not just rely on following the rules. It is more on knowing who you actually are, what do you personally believe and when you should act to protect yourself and others from obtaining and spreading the infection.

However, there are more to these things to be successful in living a life HIV-free.

First things first, you ought to know what are the associated risks. When talking about HIV prevention, the main question that is frequently asked by people is if they could get the virus from someone. Well in reality, there are misconceptions regarding the transmission of HIV. In most cases, these are being underestimated but at times, overestimating the risks.

Informed prevention all starts by understanding the different modes of transmission, getting facts right and being able to identify the activities that a person may be put at risks.

Undergo Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP

PrEP is a form of strategy to prevent HIV. Here, it uses single antiretroviral pill that can reduce the risks of acquiring HIV. This is an evidence-based approach and deemed to be an integral part of overall prevention strategy and intended to reduce infection rates especially in at-risk populations.

Condoms Work

There’s no reason to be careless in using condoms. This is completely normal! Still, the most effective and reliable method for preventing unwanted pregnancy, transmission of HIV virus and several sexually transmitted diseases or STD is the use of condoms. In the world of fitness, it is comparable to wearing corsets when on a waist training program. It is typically ignored, but it brings the most benefit in the process.

In addition to that, preventing STD is crucial as it is usually facilitating HIV infection by means of undermining anal tissues. This isn’t just applicable to ulcerative infections similar to syphilis but to anything that is causing acute genital inflammation.

Conceive Safely

Almost half of all couples affected by HIV are serodiscordant. In other words, one of them is positive in HIV and the other is negative. With the significant advancements in antiretroviral therapy, such copules have better chances of conceiving safely than before. This enables pregnancy while also diminishing risks of HIV transmission to a “clean” partner.

Coffee Could Help Protect HIV Patients Infected With Hepa-C Virus

Coffee could protect HIV patients infected with the hepatitis C virus from premature death from liver failure. In a French cohort study, consuming three or more cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of death by half. According to the study published in the Journal of Hepatology, drug healing of hepatitis C was even more effective.

Caffeine to Slow Progression of Hepatitis C and Hepatic Fibrosis

Coffee is said to have anti-inflammatory and liver-protective effects. Epidemiological studies have shown on several occasions that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop liver problems. According to Maria Patrizia Carrieri of the University of Marseille, this protective effect is responsible for the fact that people who drink three or more cups of coffee a day have a 14 percent lower death rate.

People with a damaged liver could also benefit from the protection, which is attributed to the polyphenols content. One group in which liver damage is particularly common in patients who are infected with the HI virus and the hepatitis C virus at the same time. Since both viruses are transmitted in the same way (intravenous drugs, high-risk sex), co-infections are not uncommon. In France, every fourth HIV patient was sometimes infected with the hepatitis C virus.

The research institute INSERM accompanies a group of 1,028 co-infected in the “ANRS CO13 HEPAVIH” cohort. After a median follow-up of five years, 77 participants died, including 33 from the consequences of hepatitis. Carrieri compared the coffee consumption of the deceased and the surviving patients.

Result: Patients who drank three or more cups of coffee a day had a 50 percent reduced risk of death. The hazard ratio of 0.5 was significant with a 95 percent confidence interval of 0.3 to 0.9, whereby Carrieri could consider a number of other risk factors such as smoking or changing partnerships in addition to gender.

Final Thoughts

If you are asking yourself should you give your HIV patient a daily dose of coffee, sure you can. Invest in organic coffee. You can buy raw roasted coffee beans and grind it yourself. Invest in burr coffee grinders to have the best organic coffee that can provide all the essential nutrients you or your patient should get.

How AIDS Can Affect Kidney Health

HIV Positive


Treatment is helping people with HIV live better and longer than ever before. People with HIV have a greater chance of other problems. The disease can be the medication or due to an HIV disease. In many cases, kidney disorder is treatable.

Listed below are a couple of things to understand more about the dangers of kidney disease in people with HIV.

Exactly what the kidneys do

The kidneys are the body’s filtering system. This set of organs eliminates excess fluid and toxins in the body. The fluid leaves the body. The kidneys Each have more than a million tiny filters ready to cleanse the blood of waste products.

As with other body components, the kidneys may be hurt. Injuries may result from illness, injury, or medicines. They can not perform their job If the kidneys are hurt. Poor kidney function may result in a buildup of fluids and waste products. Kidney disease can lead to swelling in the legs, swelling, muscular cramps, and confusion. In acute cases, death can be caused by it.

How HIV can harm the kidneys

Individuals who have HIV disease plus raised viral loads or very low CD4 cell (T cell) counts are more likely to have chronic kidney disease. The filters can be attacked by HIV and prevent them. This result is known as HIVAN or nephropathy.

Also, the risk of kidney disease could be greater in people who:

  • have diabetes, Higher blood pressure, or hepatitis C.
  • are older than 65 years
  • have a household member with kidney disorder
  • are African American, Native American, Hispanic American, Asian, or Pacific Islander
  • have utilized drugs that damage the kidneys for Many Years

In some instances, these extra risks can be decreased. For example management of diabetes, hypertension, or hepatitis C may reduce the possibility of developing kidney disease. HIVAN is not typical in people who have a low viral load that have T cell counts within a selection that is standard. Taking their medicine exactly might help in which they ought to be individuals with HIV maintain their viral load and T cell counts. Doing so, together with regular kidney flush, can help prevent kidney damage.

Some individuals with HIV might have no of the risk factors for lead HIV-induced kidney impairment. On the other hand, it may cause an elevated chance of kidney impairment.

Also Read: Preventing HIV And STD

Antiretroviral treatment and kidney disease

Antiretroviral treatment can be extremely good at reducing viral load, fostering T cell numbers, and preventing HIV from attacking your system. But, certain drugs may lead to kidney problems.

Medicines that may affect the liver filtration procedure comprise:

  • Tenofovir, the medication in Viread and among those drugs in the mix drugs Truvada, Atripla, Stribild, and Complera
  • Indinavir (Crixivan), atazanavir (Reyataz), along with other HIV protease inhibitors, which may crystalize Within the drainage system of the kidneys, resulting in kidney stones

Getting tested for kidney disease

Experts recommend that those who’ve tested positive for HIV also get tested for kidney disease. To do so, urine and blood tests will be likely ordered by a healthcare provider.

These tests measure the degree of protein in the urine and the degree of this waste product creatinine from the blood. The results assist the supplier to determine how well the kidneys are functioning.

Fixing HIV and kidney disorder

Kidney disease is a usually manageable complication of HIV. It is very important for those who have HIV to schedule and maintain appointments for follow-up care. Through these appointments, the supplier may discuss how best to handle health conditions to decrease the possibility of issues.



Why Social Media Videos Are Effective for HIV

The prevention and treatment for HIV has been linked to the effective utilization of videos as a communication tool. Partnerships and researches progressively assist the use of videos as a channel for information dissemination and individual empowerment. Being a part of complex communication techniques can heightened the effectiveness of messages pertaining to health.

In content dissemination, video is such a format that is excellently and popularly used. 

Social Media Video Dissemination

  • There are about 45% of Facebook and YouTube subscribers who watch videos for more than an hour in a week.
  • 82% of users watch videos on Twitter
  • Premium online videos that are around two-thirds of which have been watched between devices are recorded under YouTube accounts among millenials.
  • Compared to Facebook images, videos on the platform receive about a 135% increase in organic search.

Knowing this, videos, especially those contents under TikTok, must have to be an excellent way to cater technical assistance. Aside from that, if TikTok videos are of this quality and standard, the need to buy TikTok likes is not already a must. This shows the important role of social media in HIV awareness for youth. Thus, more research and analyses have illustrated that technology around video making can boost the learning process.

Ways in creation of videos for health communications:

Below are some of the best strategies in order to develop and create a good video that delivers health messages:

  1. Elaborate your objectives in a clear manner.
  2. Identify your audience
  3. Define the capability to moderate
  4. Set up a plan for evaluation and analyses

Moreover, creators of TikTok and other social media video content must always remember and follow the below practices:

  • Videos should be short, simple, and inviting
  • A particular URL should be included at every end of the video to serve as a user’s guide for additional information
  • Promotional plan should be established

Message from HIV colleague regarding video contents utilization

According to Sarah Harshmall, the Communications Manager at AIDS United, videos are an accessible means of content creation and an inviting way to reach a wider range of audience. In addition, it guides people to feel that they are part of something greater, thus, conveying more emotion than text. She also concluded that the campaigns of CDC’s Act Against AIDS are done through video sharing

Safe Sex Practice: This is how it Should be Done

It is common sense to protect ourselves from anything. When it comes to sex, it may be a normal thing amongst many, but it is the same reason why people are taking things for granted and disregard the use of condoms. Yes it is true that having sex brings immeasurable amount of pleasure but still remember to practice safe sex.

Unprotected sex especially to different partners risks you from contracting STDs, HIV and AIDS. All of which can create serious toll on one’s health.

Things You Never knew about Sex

By using condoms, this helps in creating a barrier which then prevents contact of bacteria, viruses, semen and other infectious particles with each other which then spreads the virus. Condoms have2 types and these are the male latex condoms as well as female condoms. Remember to make use of new condoms whenever you’ll have sex. Aside from the fact that used condoms are not safe, it is plain disgusting. Avoid infection by properly putting on the condom before making any contact.

Never ever use petroleum based lubricant similar to Vaseline or hand lotion. These products have additives that could break the rubber in your condom. Make it a point that the condoms are stored in cool and dry place and out of direct sunlight. See to it that you have checked the integrity of the condom, more so if it is kept in the wallet.

Say that the condom looks discolored, brittle or sticky, it is likely to be damaged. Using them would not be a wise move.

This is the same principle followed by firma transportowa when delivering condoms to stores.

If you’re into giving heads, then a dental dam is something to be taken into consideration. This is otherwise known as latex square. You may make use of unused rubber by simply cutting it lengthwise in an effort to create some sort of a “barrier”. Prior to giving heads, don’t brush, use mouthwash or floss for an hour. This is preventing opened as well as bleeding gums that may contract disease easier.

Don’t Feel so Confident

It is hard to diagnose AIDS or HIV for its symptoms are not visible and it differs from one person to the other. The only way that you can know whether you are infected with one or not is by having yourself tested by professionals.

Healthy Food Essential For HIV Patients

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

A healthy and varied diet is important for everyone. It is extra important for people with HIV to choose food that contributes to a higher resistance. This strengthens the immune system and makes you more resistant to side effects of HIV inhibitors. Your immune system mainly needs vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins.

  • Vitamins maintain and strengthen the immune system. They build, protect, restore and detoxify. They help in the production of substances and in the metabolism. They convert food into energy and prevent premature aging.
  • Minerals transport oxygen and energy. They are important for the maintenance and repair of tissues and bones, for the nervous system, certain brain functions and muscle contraction.
  • Antioxidants defend the body against premature aging. They protect against cardiovascular disease, thrombosis, certain cancers.
  • Proteins are responsible for the replacement and construction of tissue and provide energy. A deficiency leads to a reduced resistance.

What Is The Impact Of CoronaVirus On People Infected With HIV?

Strict adherence to preventive measures is recommended.

The world is placed on standstill. People worry about the corona spread and takes precautionary measures to protect themselves. While the virus seems simple and easy to cure, data shows a number of death tolls rising due to the virus. But there are also a number of recoveries reported. What makes those who passed differently from those who survived? A report says that we have to have a good immune system to help fight the virus. But what about those who have weakened immune systems such as the elders and those infected with HIV?

Coronavirus | HIV, TB patients not on treatment could be at risk

We do not know the effect of the new coronavirus to those who have HIV infection. It is also not known if the infection is more serious in HIV patients.

We could just gain details from knowledge gained from viral infections, like the seasonal flu brought on by influenza. Indeed, individuals with stable HIV infection do not appear to be more susceptible to influenza virus infection. However, if a person infected with HIV has a low CD4 level (or other underlying diseases), infection with influenza can show a more serious course. Also, the viral weight may quickly rise on viral infection, specifically if the sufferer is not using HIV blockers. On the other hand, this info must be construed with extreme caution, we all know the fact that influenza virus attacks and the coronavirus change in numerous ways.

A handful of antivirals useful to address HIV infection seem to have an impact on SARS-CoV-2 within lab circumstances. Nevertheless, the effect of these findings on patients is not yet known.

People infected with HIV are advised to strictly follow preventive steps. The battle against the coronavirus has come into phase 2, meaning that steps to keep your distance from others are reinforced. Preventive measures is all we can do at this point. There’s no known cure as of the moment but patients are treated according to the symptoms as it was with SARS. If a person is showing symptoms of the corona, incubation is a must so as to halt the spread of the virus. Sanitize your surroundings including those kept in self-storage (self storage comparison).

If you have complaints (fever, cough, shortness of breath) call your doctor and state your travel history and your symptoms. Don’t go to the waiting room or rush. Check the Federal Public Service website for the latest update.

What happens if you are infected with HIV?

How the virus works

The human immunodeficiency virus HIV primarily affects important cells of the body’s defense system, the T helper cells (also called T4 helper cells, CD4 cells or CD4 lymphocytes) and the phagocytes (macrophages). Nerve cells can also be affected. The viruses penetrate the cells, use their metabolism to multiply and thereby destroy the host cell. The newly formed viruses get into the blood and attack other cells, the infection spreads more and more in the body.

The viruses win – but only if the infection is not treated

If an HIV infection is not treated, the viruses gradually gain the upper hand: the virus concentration in the blood increases and the T helper cells become less and less. After all, the immune system is so weakened that it can no longer fight diseases effectively. In this phase, the HIV infection becomes symptomatic, which means that there are increasing signs and symptoms that are a result of the increasing “immunodeficiency”. If left untreated, the immune system collapses to a large extent, resulting in illnesses and infections, the occurrence of which must be diagnosed as “AIDS”. Because “AIDS” stands for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome”, translated “acquired immune deficiency syndrome” – a group of often life-threatening infections and diseases, the cause of which is the immune deficiency caused by HIV. These include, for example, pneumonia, brain abscesses, tuberculosis or inflammation of the esophagus with difficulty swallowing and weight loss. They are caused by pathogens that cannot harm the healthy immune system and are therefore called “opportunistic pathogens”.

What is Life like Living with HIV?

Whether you believe it or not, HIV affects over a million people; and that is in the US alone. In general, these people can still live the life they are used before contracting HIV. On the other hand, there will be of course medications or changes that have to be done such as having regular checkups and taking HIV medications.

Those who have HIV may need as well to perform additional steps that will allow them to stay healthy and also, to steer clear of spreading the virus. As we push through in this article, you will be discovering the challenges that these people are facing and things that they are putting into consideration.


Taking medication and at the same time, attending checkups are critical components if you are someone who is affected by HIV. The treatment for HIV has high success rate if people are taking the initiative in taking care of themselves. It is comparable when you want to lose weight. No matter if you buy the Leptitox bottles here, it’ll render useless if you are not doing the necessary actions and exerting efforts.

The Department of Health and Human Services in US advise people with HIV to go through antiretroviral therapy. This treatment is aiming to help people to be in great shape and at the same time, prevent the transmission of virus to others.

In an effort to keep the virus regulated, people have to religiously take medicines exactly the way how they are instructed by their doctors. On top of that, they need to attend their checkups to be constantly monitored and see whether the treatment is taking effect.

Awareness of the Situation

Individuals who have HIV should seek appropriate treatment. Otherwise, they are exposing themselves in greater risks of developing several types of cancers and OIs or Opportunistic Infections. Taking antiretroviral medications as well as vaccinations can provide you with the biggest chance of preventing complications to happen. However, people who have HIV must still constantly monitor their health and be mindful of the symptoms and signs of cancers and OIs.

It is imperative for those affected by the virus to check out ways that can help in reducing risks of OIs with their doctor.

HIV Infection Among Men Are More Susceptible To Alcohol (Effects)

American researchers from the Yale University School of Medicine and the Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion in Pittsburgh have discovered that HIV-infected men are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol than non-infected men. They recently published their research in the journal AIDS and Behavior.

It is known that HIV and alcohol do not go well together. According to Prof. Amy Justice, professor of medicine and public health at Yale University, drinking alcohol is damaging, just like HIV, the liver and the immune system. “In addition, under the influence of alcohol, HIV-infected people are more likely to abandon their medication,” said Justice.

HIV and Alcohol

Retrospective Cohort Study

The researchers determined the effects of alcohol on HIV-infected people through a retrospective cohort study among male participants of the Veterans Aging Cohort Study. Between 2002 and 2010, 3631 HIV-infected and 3693 uninfected veterans were included. The scientists then stratified the participants based on their viral load. They then determined the drinking behavior of patients with HIV during alcohol intake based on data from questionnaires. The results have shown among those who have a demonstrable viral load to be more susceptible to the impact of alcoholic beverages compared to HIV-infected people with a non-demonstrable viral load or non-infected men.

The authors have no exact explanation for the difference they found. They postulate that the higher absorption of alcohol in HIV-infected people with a high viral load may be due to the action of the gastrointestinal barrier, which is disrupted by the HIV infection. They also think that the BMI of HIV patients can play a role, but due to the small sample size, the authors cannot draw conclusions from this. They, therefore, argue for more research into the causes of this effect, which also includes women. Healthcare providers can then use this information to inform their patients about the link between alcohol and HIV infection.

HIV/Aids is Relatively More Common in Amsterdam

More Attention to HIV in The Region Thanks to DonorsHiv, Aids, Virus, Disease, Health, Sickness, Care, Day

The Netherlands wants to be the first country in the world with zero new HIV infections. That is going well, but we are not there yet. There are an estimated 1,900 Dutch people who do not know they have HIV and last year 664 new people still contracted HIV. To stop HIV forever, Aidsfonds is financing four new regional projects. These run for a year and are made possible by our donors.

HIV is relatively more common in Amsterdam than in the rest of the Netherlands. Many projects to reduce the number of HIV infections therefore take place in the capital. However, local initiatives elsewhere are also needed to combat the HIV epidemic throughout the Netherlands. That is why we will be working in the coming year in Gelderland, The Hague, Rotterdam and Limburg.

Training for General Practitioners

The GGD uses data in a smart way in the province of Gelderland. They look in which neighborhoods HIV infections occur relatively more often. The doctors in those neighborhoods are then trained to recognize an HIV infection, so that people are referred to online lighting Australia for more quickly and receive HIV medicines. If this works, the system can also be used in other regions where HIV is less prevalent.

Information and PrEP

The GGD in The Hague goes beyond the beaten track to find the last people with HIV in the city. For example, people who take the HIV prevention pill PrEP are used to inform others. Visitors to sex parties are also approached to be tested for HIV one day before the party. Then they immediately receive a few PrEP pills to protect themselves.

Use Fellow Sufferers

The last two projects also focus on the use of peers (so-called “peers”). People with HIV are used in Rotterdam to reach others. And in Limburg gay men are called in to inform other gay men.

Electricians In The Medical Field

We all know the importance of electricians in our day to day living. And much more, they contribute so much in many fields that their work is as important as electricity itself. Electricians are needed for any facility especially in the medical field where there is a need for various machines and equipment to keep up with the growing needs of the public.

With the growing need for medical intervention in many areas such as in pediatrics and geriatrics, not to mention immediate care provided to HIV sufferers, electricians (electrician Joondalup) should be ready to install and maintain electricity to power up medical equipment.

Electrical Engineering Expertise for Medical Devices

Defining The Electrician Duties

Assembly electricians together with the electrical installers are responsible for electrical equipment. They install the connections for electricity, telephone, internet, television and radio in private households and in business. You create the connections in buildings from the house connection to the sockets.

Before assembly electricians drive to the construction site, they equip themselves in the magazine with the necessary tools and materials. They use various tools such as drilling and milling machines, screwdrivers, side cutters, wire strippers and measuring devices.

In the body shop, assembly electricians use the blueprints to lay the pipes for all the electrical lines and install fuse and switch boxes. During the interior work, they pull the necessary cables and wires into the installed protective tubes and install sockets and switches. In the almost finished new building, they then connect the devices and equipment and check whether everything is working properly and is safe.

To protect people and property, assembly electricians must comply exactly with the safety regulations for electrical installations. They know the regulations and protect themselves and their environment, for example by wearing safety glasses and hearing protection when doing dusty and noisy work.

Assembly electricians do their work largely independently. Electrical installers are available to assist you with more complicated installations and when commissioning systems. Most of them work in a team.

The field of work of assembly electricians is varied. It ranges from coarser tasks such as laying pipes in ceilings and floors to installing cable trays and pulling the cables through to fine work such as connecting wires. They change jobs frequently and often work on scaffolding or ladders.

Movies Related to Aids/HIV

Today, right on December 1, globally the world population commemorates World AIDS Day. This moment is commemorated to foster awareness of AIDS caused by the spread of the HIV virus. Also, today is also a moment for support and #RangkulODHA friends who are struggling with this disease.Virus, Bacteria, Germs, Microbiology

The first concept of AIDS Day was conceived at a meeting of the World Minister of Health on Programs for AIDS Prevention in 1988. Since then, this commemoration began to be commemorated by governments, international organizations and charitable foundations around the world.

Coinciding with World AIDS Day, it would not hurt you to see a sleduj filmy online that lifts the story of AIDS sufferers. These films raise the reality and various problems related to HIV and AIDS. Compiled from various sources.

 Movies with the theme of AIDS

  • Mika – (2003) Dimas Yulian
  • Dallas Buyer Club (2013)

The film is based on the true-life of Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey), a cowboy suffering from AIDS. This film won an Oscar for the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor categories. This film succeeded in showing the interesting stories and acting capabilities of the players.

The film tells the story of Ron Woodroof, a person with HIV in the mid-80s. While undergoing treatment, Woodroof discovered a drug that was deemed suitable for him. The problem is, the drug originated from Mexico and has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). He then smuggles this type of drug and sells it to fellow AIDS sufferers. He then named the community the name Dallas Buyer Club.

  • Mika – (2003) Dimas Yulian

The film director Lasja Susatyo tells about Indi (Velove Vexia), a high school teenager who has scoliosis. Because of his condition, he had to wear an iron body support every day. Until finally he met with Mika (Vino G. Bastian). Mika then put her heart to Indi but was hampered by problems related to her status as a person with HIV. However, Indi still accepts Mika as it is. This film also shows a picture of how ODHA still often receive discriminatory treatment, even from doctors.

  • Mika – (2003) Dimas Yulian
  • Philadelphia – (1993)

Philadelphia is a drama film about HIV and AIDS played by actors Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington. The film, released in 1993, was directed by Director Jonathan Demme. This film emphasizes the issue of HIV / AIDS and its relationship with the issue of homosexuality that was rife at that time in the United States.

This film tells the story of Andrew Beckett, a reliable lawyer who hides the nature of homosexuality from his boss who is very conservative about homosexuality. One time he was fired because he was caught with AIDS and then fought in court to fight for his rights against his own disease.

  • Mika – (2003) Dimas Yulian
  • A Mother’s Prayer – (1995)

This film tells the story of a widow who was diagnosed with AIDS. This film not only shows the struggle for the disease. But it also shows how the main character’s struggle to find a family that can take care of his 8-year-old child before he died. This film is based on a true story that actually happened. The film was released in 1995 and was directed by Larry Elikann. The film stars actress Linda Hamilton, Kate Nelligan and Bruce Dern.