Month: January 2020

HIV/Aids is Relatively More Common in Amsterdam

More Attention to HIV in The Region Thanks to Donors The Netherlands wants to be the first country in the world with zero new HIV infections. That is going well,

Prevention HIV Remains a Matter of Pills and Behavior

Treating HIV/Aids Properly and Keeping You Safe From Infected Person There are more and more means to properly treat an HIV infection, but now there is also a way to

Electricians In The Medical Field

We all know the importance of electricians in our day to day living. And much more, they contribute so much in many fields that their work is as important as

Being HIV-Positive Does Not Mean You Should Stop Living Your Life

No matter how hard we deny it, the stigma towards people living with HIV (PLHIV) is very real. Over the years, studies have already been conducted to give us a