Month: May 2020

Africa’s Growing Population of Young Video Gamers Continues to Attract Attention

Africa has been in the crosshairs of major game developers for years, considering the continuing increase in the number of video gamers in the region. Africa’s huge potential as a

Coffee Could Help Protect HIV Patients Infected With Hepa-C Virus

Coffee could protect HIV patients infected with the hepatitis C virus from premature death from liver failure. In a French cohort study, consuming three or more cups of coffee a

Education And Proper Guidance For The Youth To Avoid STD And HIV

Many students make serious preparations to know more about the SHSAT. In the NYC, there are nine specialized high schools. Taking and passing the Specialized High School Admissions Test or

How AIDS Can Affect Kidney Health

  Treatment is helping people with HIV live better and longer than ever before. People with HIV have a greater chance of other problems. The disease can be the medication