Month: August 2020

Cleaning Up HIV/AIDS Infected Blood

Blood spills can pose a threat to anyone who comes across the region. A practitioner should does cleaning up the blood. Wearing personal protection gear cordoning off the region, employing

How HIV is Acquired and Transmitted?

There are only limited ways on how HIV can be transmitted or acquired. While the virus itself can be prevented through exercise like using gym equipment from and diet,

HIV and Workplace

Thanks to HIV medication, people with HIV can now love, live, and work well and long. There is no risk of transmission in everyday working life, and on average people

How People With HIV Respond to COVID-19

These are uncertain times especially for people whose Immune System is compromised. People with HIV are among them. Those who suffer from HIV are more at risk to have the

HIV and Nutrition

Nutrition plays a significant part for everyone’s ability to resist disease and maintain and improve the health of the immune system. Healthful eating will reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease,

HIV: Its Symptoms

Flu-like symptoms often develop shortly after infection with HIV. Nothing seems to happen after that. But the virus continues to multiply in the body and weakens the immune system. Without