Africa’s Growing Population of Young Video Gamers Continues to Attract Attention

Africa has been in the crosshairs of major game developers for years, considering the continuing increase in the number of video gamers in the region.

Africa’s huge potential as a lucrative gaming market does not go unnoticed because so far, the continent is the only geographical location in the world that sees a constant rise in youth population.

The current estimate is that by 2050, the numbers will increase by 50 percent at the least. After all, the youth is a key factor to the growth of the global gaming industry in any region. That is also the reason why many of Africa’s local startup developers are into producing African-themed gaming content.

As of 2017, Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa rank highly for having the largest gaming revenues in all of Africa; having generated annual revenues of over $100 million in video game sales. Nigeria is at the top of the list as the video gaming industry in this region generated more than US$ 119,664,000 during the year.

Riot Games Taking Steps to Strengthen Connection with MENA Video Gamers

In December 2019, Riot Games hosted “The Nexus” in Riyadh, the first official League of Legends tournament in the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) region. In a press release, Riot Games METAI General Manager Onur Tamer had announced that “The Nexus” is just the beginning of Riot Games’ plans for delivering local experience and support to the communities of players across the MENA region.

Although Riot’s beta version of its newest first-person shooter, action RPG “Valorant” was not made available to MENA video gamers, the company gives assurance that when the official version arrives in the region, the launch will be supported by several 128-tick servers and data centers. “Valorant” is set to launch this summer, and Riot promises to publish important notifications way ahead of “Valorant’s” official launch.

Zaros Ready to Provide Gaming Support

Inasmuch as Riot Games has made it known that “Valorant’ will come across as a highly competitive game, since there are plans to add the FPS title to the world of esports gaming, Zaros is also making it known that they are ready to provide its services. The group already has a team of top-ranked gamers who can help players advance in the Valorant Ranked System and at the same time, provide assistance to those seeking to achieve Valorant improvement.

Upon registration at the Zaros website at, players will be given access to the Members Area where they can communicate directly with the booster assigned to play on their behalf. Moreover, registered members will be allowed to view any ongoing game being played in their account, as well as receive updates on how the Zaros boosting service is progressing.

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