AIDS is No Laughing Matter

AIDS is an abbreviation for Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This is an extremely serious and fatal case. The moment that you’re diagnosed with such, you’re vulnerable to every known disease. Even if you have a simple cough and cold, it can soon become a harmful illness. It’s for the reason that your body is not working the way it should be in fighting these diseases.

Our body is designed or programmed to fight any unwanted cells or infection cause the production of the antibodies in our system. Basically, these are the so-called security of our body. HIV on the other hand is preventing our system to have this kind of protection. HIV virus is the first stage to AIDS reducing its capacity to fight diseases to zero. Meaning to say, if the virus has caused AIDS, then the body will lose its ability to fight any disease or illness regardless of how minor it can be.

Take Actions while You still Can

There are times in which a minor illness has been attributed to a person’s untimely demise. Fortunately now, there’s a downloadable legacy application modernization on your smartphone which can provide the basics of preventing or avoiding AIDS.

These apps may be different in its feature and functions but all have the same goal, to provide guidelines to avoid AIDS.

Number 1. Safe Sex

HIV can be transmitted with the exchange of bodily fluid. It is highly recommended to wear condoms for protection when having an intercourse.

Number 2. Use New Disposable Syringe

Whenever a medical tool is about to be used, making sure that it is sterilized and new is of great importance. You should never, ever use a “used” one regardless if it’s from your friend or someone you trust and know.

Number 3. Is the Blood Approved?

In the event that you or one of your circles is in need of blood transfusion, see to it that the blood used is approved and processed by the government or any regulating body.

Number 4. Handle with Care

When dealing with bodily fluids especially blood, accidental intake of such in the body from HIV infected individual can be dangerous. Sometimes, even just a drop of it can be enough to be infected as well. So you have to be extra careful.