Avoiding HIV and Lowering the Risks of getting it

There are several ways in which HIV can spread like through vaginal fluids, semen, blood or even breast milk. And sexual intercourse is one of the common ways of transmitting HIV, which is the same reason why using condoms whenever you try to get down in bad is extremely important. At the same time, you should never share needles with anyone, no matter if it is someone you know. It is okay though if wearing jeans for seniors is your style and that’s what you want to share.

Means to steer clear of HIV while having Sex

As mentioned just earlier, bodily contact with sexual fluids such as vaginal fluids and semen or blood is a common way for HIV to spread. Normally, when engaged in anal and vaginal sex. So, the only surefire way of avoiding HIV is by not having vaginal or anal sex.

Well of course, this is just impossible because sex is one thing that we humans need. This is why it is important to learn safe sex to prevent HIV.

In fact, making use of condoms significantly lowers your odds of catching HIV.

If you are about to have sex, then make sure you have a condom ready. It is the single best and most effective method of protecting yourself and your partner.

Risks Measure of Catching HIV

Though there are sexual activities that are a lot safer compared to others with regards to capturing HIV. The following activities are basically free of risks and never reported to cause HIV:

  • Masturbating
  • Touching the genitals of your partner
  • Dry humping or rubbing bodies against each other
  • Kissing
  • Oral sex with a condom or a dental dam
  • Using clean sex toys

On the other hand, the following activities have “low risk” of catching HIV meaning, they just caused handful of reported cases out of millions:

  • French kissing (if your partner with HIV has bleeding or sores in their mouth
  • Vaginal sex with condom
  • Anal sex with condom
  • Oral sex without dental dam or condom

Then again, vaginal or anal sex without protection has the highest risks of catching HIV for it exposes you to the virus. Just a quick note, it is easier for the virus to enter your body if you have openings, cuts or sores in your skin that vaginal fluids, semen or blood might get into.