Being HIV-Positive Does Not Mean You Should Stop Living Your Life

No matter how hard we deny it, the stigma towards people living with HIV (PLHIV) is very real. Over the years, studies have already been conducted to give us a clear picture of how HIV is spread from one person to another, and yet some people still choose to believe that being infected with HIV is a hopeless case, and therefore the society must isolate those who are already infected from everything. This is the sad reality that PLHIV have to endure: facing the cruel treatment of the world while fighting off the negative physiological effects of the virus to their bodies.

The good news is that PLHIV have better chances to survive the infection now, all thanks to the hardwork of our medical professionals. Before, being diagnosed with HIV is like a death sentence, thus making the infected person give up on everything in his or her life. Today, PLHIV have better life expectancy compared to the cases in the previous decades. The only problem PLHIV have to deal with now is the negative perception of the world towards them and the poor understanding of other people about their condition.

Being Checked, Accepting The Diagnosis, And Start With The Medication: The First Steps Towards Healing

Based on studies, many people are not aware that they are already carrying HIV. One reason for this is because they are afraid to know whether they contacted the virus. Chances are some people already have an idea that they might be infected, but all the mental and emotional burden of confronting the disease prevents them from having a test. Some might also think that being diagnosed with HIV is a bad joke coming from a prank call website. Now, if the test turns out to be positive, the next step is to fully embrace the situation and accepting the reality, although a harsh one, that you already have it.

There is no time to feel regrets for being irresponsible or anything that led you to becoming a PLHIV, but the goal for you is to begin with the medication as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, some people are not very educated enough about HIV, as they still think that having the virus means that you only have a few years or months to live. This is just not true. With proper medication and lifestyle changes to help your body recover from the infection, there is actually a big chance for an HIV/AIDS victim to fully recover. There is no reason for you to lock yourself in your bedroom and wallow in self-pity. You can still continue with your life and enjoy the things that you love doing.

On your way to recovery, the next fight that must be dealt with is the stigma towards PLHIV. The best way to confront all the misconceptions and judgements is to spread awareness using the social media.

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