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Diet Guidelines For HIV Patients

Diet can influence the course of HIV infection. According to studies, HIV-positive people with good nutritional status develop AIDS symptoms much later than malnourished infected people. Qualified nutritional advice is therefore useful

How Do I Cope Well with HIV?

It is totally common to experience emotional struggles after knowing that you are HIV positive. These emotions are temporary. As noted in this article, there are several things that you

Living Life to The Fullest With HIV

For the last 4 decades, there has been a great improvement in the treatment of HIV and AIDS. People have also broadened their understanding of the condition. People suffering from

Does My Dog Have HIV? Is it Possible at All?

For those who are probably affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), a timely analysis is essential. Indeed, particular drugs provided within a few days of interacting with someone who

HIV infection: eat to strengthen the immune system

People with HIV shouldn’t rely on the effects of their medication alone. You can become active yourself and have a positive influence on your disease through a conscious lifestyle. Diet

Advice for Healthcare Workers in Dealing with Occupational Exposure to HIV

HIV is an illness that strikes the human own body’s immune system. The disease can cause AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). HIV is transmitted via specific body fluids of an infected

HIV symptoms and course

Many people develop symptoms, especially shortly after being infected or if the HIV infection has been untreated for a long time. You can only determine whether you have HIV infection

Breaking the Stigma: HIV/AIDS

In this new day and age, many people still have a hazed view of AIDS & HIV and all the things that it revolves around. Often times, one uses this

Cleaning Up HIV/AIDS Infected Blood

Blood spills can pose a threat to anyone who comes across the region. A practitioner should does cleaning up the blood. Wearing personal protection gear cordoning off the region, employing

HIV and Workplace

Thanks to HIV medication, people with HIV can now love, live, and work well and long. There is no risk of transmission in everyday working life, and on average people

How People With HIV Respond to COVID-19

These are uncertain times especially for people whose Immune System is compromised. People with HIV are among them. Those who suffer from HIV are more at risk to have the

HIV and Nutrition

Nutrition plays a significant part for everyone’s ability to resist disease and maintain and improve the health of the immune system. Healthful eating will reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease,

HIV: Its Symptoms

Flu-like symptoms often develop shortly after infection with HIV. Nothing seems to happen after that. But the virus continues to multiply in the body and weakens the immune system. Without

Older Women Found To Be Infected With HIV

A woman was found to be infected with HIV after her partner died. A 58-year-old woman revealed how she was diagnosed with HIV after having unprotected sex in 2006 following

The Revelation of a Vlogger on Russian HIV Epidemic

  It is called HIV back in Russia, the epidemic no one is talking about, and it has gotten people about. The sobering, almost two-hour video from the popular movie

Keeping Yourself Safe and Free from HIV

The effective prevention of HIV does not just rely on following the rules. It is more on knowing who you actually are, what do you personally believe and when you

Coffee Could Help Protect HIV Patients Infected With Hepa-C Virus

Coffee could protect HIV patients infected with the hepatitis C virus from premature death from liver failure. In a French cohort study, consuming three or more cups of coffee a

Why Social Media Videos Are Effective for HIV

The prevention and treatment for HIV has been linked to the effective utilization of videos as a communication tool. Partnerships and researches progressively assist the use of videos as a

Healthy Food Essential For HIV Patients

A healthy and varied diet is important for everyone. It is extra important for people with HIV to choose food that contributes to a higher resistance. This strengthens the immune system and

What Is The Impact Of CoronaVirus On People Infected With HIV?

Strict adherence to preventive measures is recommended. The world is placed on standstill. People worry about the corona spread and takes precautionary measures to protect themselves. While the virus seems

Does HIV cause Baldness?

HIV is a contamination that assaults the invulnerable framework and causes a few side effects and inconveniences. In spite of the fact that individuals with HIV may encounter  hair fall

HIV Infection Among Men Are More Susceptible To Alcohol (Effects)

American researchers from the Yale University School of Medicine and the Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion in Pittsburgh have discovered that HIV-infected men are more sensitive to the

HIV/Aids is Relatively More Common in Amsterdam

More Attention to HIV in The Region Thanks to Donors The Netherlands wants to be the first country in the world with zero new HIV infections. That is going well,

Prevention HIV Remains a Matter of Pills and Behavior

Treating HIV/Aids Properly and Keeping You Safe From Infected Person There are more and more means to properly treat an HIV infection, but now there is also a way to

The Most Important Info About HIV Treatment In Brief

People have long misunderstood the treatment for HIV treatment. In this short post let’s take a brief look at the most important details you should know about HIV treatment. Why

Movies Related to Aids/HIV

Today, right on December 1, globally the world population commemorates World AIDS Day. This moment is commemorated to foster awareness of AIDS caused by the spread of the HIV virus.

The Important Role of Social Media in HIV Awareness for Youth

Social media might not be the path for advocacy and HIV prevention, but it has become among the most significant ones. Reaching people on platforms enables organizations to expand their

Knowing Pets and HIV

HIV, short for Human Immunodeficiency Virus has become one of the dangerous diseases for a lot of years now. And up until now, scientists are still figuring out a cure

The Alarming Increase Of Fake Medications For HIV/AIDS

Although they are reproductions or imitations, many shoppers opt to purchase replicated products, such as fake Rolex, since they are usually affordable but still look and function the same way

HIV Positive Individuals and the Workplace

Most businesses and companies require all of their employees to go for annual check-up or present a health certificate to ensure they’re in optimum health and fit to work. Check

Efforts To Resolve The Growing Number of AIDS Worldwide

HIV prevention programs and organizations are concurrences that make an effort to halt the indicator of HIV. They are really implemented to either shield an individual and the community, or

Does HIV increase the risk of Insomnia

A lot of people patients suffer from insomnia or daytime sleepiness, researchers from the US army report in the internet version of Clinical Infectious Diseases. The incidence of sleep disorders

How an HIV Diagnosed Person Cope Up After a Breast Augmentation

The Prevalence of HIV Among Women HIV, or the human immunodeficiency virus, is a virusthat is commonly present among people who are sexually active or has multiple sexual partners. According

Equipping Yourself the Right Knowledge About HIV

HIV is human immunodeficiency virus and is a form of virus that inhibits the immune system. The virus behaves when it enters the body, which relegates it among the kinds