Diet Needs of HIV Patients

Proper diet and well-balanced nutrition is important for all individual. Thus, also essential for HIV patients. This is due to the fact that food provides nutrients needed by the body to be able to be healthy and function properly. To achieve a good nutrition, individuals have to eat the appropriate types of foods with the proper amount. By this, the essential nutrients can be provided to the body.


Special Diet of an HIV Patient

Basically, as per the science of AIDS, there is no special diet required for people with HIV. Boosting the immunity can be done by doing some of the tips below.



The immune system of HIV patients is urged to work rigidly to ward off the infections. Meaning, this action consume energy from the food intake. So, it is very much needed to eat lots of food.

Inclusion of extra amount of protein, carbs, and fats should be added in the diet of patients who are underweight, high viral loads, patients with advanced HIV disease, or those who have an opportunistic infections. However, overweight needs nutritious meal plan.



Drinking lots of water is essential to one’s health. It can provide numerous benefits especially when the water is hot. As an additional info, hot water for bathing also cater positive effects to the health of an individual. Heating water for bathing is made easy through the use of the best outdoor tankless water heater.

Going back, patients with HIV demand for high amount if water intake. This water functions to distribute the nutrients throughout the body. Further, high amount of water can assist HIV patient to:

  • Lower the adverse effects of medicines
  • Aid in the elimination of medicines already utilized by the body
  • Prevent fluid loss which causes dry mouth and constipation
  • Feel more energized

The recommended water intake per day should at least 8 to 10 glasses. But, most are not used to drink this much. Here are some tips to get the required extra fluids.

  • Try to drink other types of fluids such as flavored water, fruit juice or teas provided that it is noncaffeinated.
  • Drink water at the beginning and at the end of the day.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Sip on ice cubes.



HIV patients demand for additional vitamins and minerals in order to assist in repairing and healing damaged cells.

Vitamins and minerals can be freely found in the food but in modest quantity. Since, HIV infected individuals need to enhance the immune system, physician may recommend vitamin and mineral supplement in adjunct with a healthy diet.