Education And Proper Guidance For The Youth To Avoid STD And HIV

about the SHSATMany students make serious preparations to know more about the SHSAT.

In the NYC, there are nine specialized high schools. Taking and passing the Specialized High School Admissions Test or the SHSAT is the only decisive factor for students to gain admission in one of these specialized high schools. The only specialized high school that don’t rely on the SHSAT is the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts as it requires a portfolio or audition for admission.

The SHSAT which is administered by the Department of Education of New York City is only and is only offered to residents of New York City who are entering the 8th grade. Incoming 9th grade students may also take the SHSAT for the 9th grade. However, slots for the 9th grade SHSAT are very limited in these specialized high schools.

Education and Proper Guidance for the Youth

The SHSAT is a great opportunity for many 8th and 9th grade residing in New York City, which is why preparing for it is crucial. Regardless, whether a student goes to a specialized or non-specialized high school, being educated and properly guided would greatly help teens and adolescents to stay away from STI, STD or HIV.

Sadly, many teens and adolescence engage in sexual activities which opens the risk for them to catch such infections and diseases as well as teenage and unwanted pregnancies.

educate and guide adolescentsThis world today where the young are growing up isn’t similar to that of their parents or their grandparents. This is especially true in developing countries where things are quickly shifting. Although many of the youth enter their adolescence earlier as well as healthier, HIV has quickly spread all over the world, especially in developing places which destroys vulnerable lives as well as ruining and spoiling the structure of societies during the process.

HIV does not choose any gender. However, young women deal with a dual challenge. Aside from the dangers of HIV, morbidity and mortality associated to pregnancy, delivery as well as unsafe abortion continue to be among the major risks to the health of young women.

Hence, with the changing times, education and proper guidance is very crucial for the youth and the society to stay safe and healthy and become productive members of the society.

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