Get Tested before Everything’s too Late

HIV is a type of virus that is affecting a person’s immune system, most specifically the CD4 cells. There is no easy or simple treatment to this as if when you are finding cheap mobile repair stores. Because having HIV puts people in an emotional roller coaster on how they would react to the situation. In essence, CD4 is helping to protect the body from any illness. Compared to other known viruses that our immune system can ward off, HIV couldn’t be simply eliminated by our immune system.

HIV symptoms are varying from one person to the other. There are no two people who have HIV will experience similar symptoms. On the other hand, HIV would follow the pattern below:

  • Asymptomatic period
  • Advanced infection and;
  • Acute illness

Let us discuss further some of the symptoms mentioned.

Acute Illness

About 80% of people who contracted HIV are experiencing flu-like symptoms within 2 to 4 weeks. This flu-like illness is otherwise known as an acute HIV infection. In the stage of HIV infection, this is considered as the primary stage of HIV and it could lasts until the body created antibodies to fight the virus.

There are several common symptoms for this phase including body rash, sore throat, severe headaches, fever with the less known symptoms consists of joint pain, muscle aches, ulcers in genitals or mouth, swollen lymph nodes, vomiting and nausea as well as night sweats. In most cases, the symptoms are lasting for a week or two.

Anyone who has these signs and thinking that they might have contracted HIV must consider to set an appointment with their healthcare provider and be tested.

Asymptomatic Period

Once the initial symptoms subside, HIV might not cause additional symptoms for the following months or maybe years. Throughout this time, it is when the virus becomes more dangerous because it is starting to replicate and start to weaken the host’s immune system. Someone who is at this stage would look completely fine, healthy and active. But they can be a carrier of the virus and infect others. This is the main reason why doing early testing is extremely important even to those who feel completely fine.