HIV infection: eat to strengthen the immune system

People with HIV shouldn’t rely on the effects of their medication alone. You can become active yourself and have a positive influence on your disease through a conscious lifestyle. Diet plays an important role in this.  And if you have important files related to HIV and diet, you may use Youtube to mp4 converters.

Proper nutrition strengthens the immune system – even with AIDS

Studies have shown that increased virus replication leads to greater oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals that occur during various processes in the organism. Among other things, they are formed during infections in order to ward off pathogens. Free radicals are also formed through increased alcohol consumption, cigarette smoke, UV light, ozone, sunbathing, medication, environmental toxins, psychological stress, or physical stress. In order to reduce the effect of free radicals, the supply of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant substances is particularly important. The intake of these substances can be increased with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Raw food: risk for people infected with HIV

It is particularly important for people infected with HIV to avoid any risk of food infection, for example from salmonella or toxoplasmic pathogens. It is therefore advisable to only consume well-heated egg, meat, and fish dishes. Cured or smoked, these foods are generally harmless. Soft-boiled eggs, tiramisu, or mousse-au-chocolate with raw eggs should be left to stand. You should definitely avoid raw meat because of the risk of toxoplasmosis. Fresh grain muesli should be placed in the refrigerator to swell and be prepared with sour milk products such as yogurt, as the number of germs is then lower than with water.

In addition to the optimal supply of nutrients, physical exercise is an important factor in promoting the development and maintenance of metabolically active body cell mass and muscles. As a result, the cells are better supplied with oxygen, and general well-being and the immune response improve. An individually adapted exercise program also has a positive effect on fat metabolism. In the case of very weak patients, the movement should be done under professional guidance, for example by a physiotherapist. It is important that those affected avoid sore muscles because this affects the immune system like a small infection and the virus can multiply more.

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