HIV/Aids is Relatively More Common in Amsterdam

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The Netherlands wants to be the first country in the world with zero new HIV infections. That is going well, but we are not there yet. There are an estimated 1,900 Dutch people who do not know they have HIV and last year 664 new people still contracted HIV. To stop HIV forever, Aidsfonds is financing four new regional projects. These run for a year and are made possible by our donors.

HIV is relatively more common in Amsterdam than in the rest of the Netherlands. Many projects to reduce the number of HIV infections therefore take place in the capital. However, local initiatives elsewhere are also needed to combat the HIV epidemic throughout the Netherlands. That is why we will be working in the coming year in Gelderland, The Hague, Rotterdam and Limburg.

Training for General Practitioners

The GGD uses data in a smart way in the province of Gelderland. They look in which neighborhoods HIV infections occur relatively more often. The doctors in those neighborhoods are then trained to recognize an HIV infection, so that people are referred to online lighting Australia for more quickly and receive HIV medicines. If this works, the system can also be used in other regions where HIV is less prevalent.

Information and PrEP

The GGD in The Hague goes beyond the beaten track to find the last people with HIV in the city. For example, people who take the HIV prevention pill PrEP are used to inform others. Visitors to sex parties are also approached to be tested for HIV one day before the party. Then they immediately receive a few PrEP pills to protect themselves.

Use Fellow Sufferers

The last two projects also focus on the use of peers (so-called “peers”). People with HIV are used in Rotterdam to reach others. And in Limburg gay men are called in to inform other gay men.

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