How To Choose The Best Mattress To Manage Sleep Disturbances In People Living With HIV (PLWH)

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) and Insomnia are typical sleeping disorders observed in the principal care of People Living With HIV (PLWH). While there are present studies being conducted to treat these disorders, there are other things that can be done to help PLWH get proper sleep. And this is not true only to PLWH but also to anyone trying to get a good night rest.

We spend eight hours a day in bed. For this reason it is very vital that you select a bed mattress that could be both pleasurable for rest and good for a healthy back. Bed mattress plays an important role not just in the sleep quality, but even in health.

If you wake up with back pain, it’s a sign that it’s time to change the old mattress with a new one. Experiencing pain in the back is an sign that your mattress is not giving you the proper support your back needs.

Many people complain of back or middle pain. Fortunately, if you are among them, you can take steps to prevent back pain and improve your position during sleep. Among these steps is deciding on the best mattress.

A Personal Choice

No two people are the same. We all have our own needs. One of the most common mistakes many couples make is choosing a double mattress for both of them to sleep on. A man, 1.80 m – 1.90 m and 100 kg tall will need a different type of mattress than a 1.65 m woman, who weighs 64 kg.

In the same way, some people are blessed with a healthy back, while others are more delicate. People who suffer from back, spine or middle problems have difficulty finding the right mattress, while for the healthy it is easier. That is why it is extremely important to choose the right mattress.

Those who have had back problems should be careful when choosing the mattress. Until now, there was the preconceived notion that a firm mattress is the best option for the back. Not true. In fact, there are no set rules when choosing your mattress.

Position of the Spine

Even if you don’t have to follow certain rules when replacing your mattress, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The position of the spine is extremely important when you opt for a certain mattress. You need to consider both the position of the spine when you are lying on your back and when you are sitting on your side.

When you are sitting on your back, it is good for the back and middle to have contact with the mattress and to be supported by it. Ask your partner to place his hand under your waist when you lie on your back. He should not be able to easily place his palm under your back. The mattress should offer some resistance. If the palm does not have full contact with the mattress, then it is too firm. Then try to sleep on your side. Also, ask someone to evaluate how the spine rests on the mattress. The column should stand completely straight, without any arching.

You should also consider your needs and what you expect from a new mattress. For example, if you enjoy reading in bed or watching TV, you will often sit in a raised position. In this case, you should have a bed with a headboard.

Test The New Mattress Before Buying It

When buying a mattress, it is very important to test it beforehand and see how you feel when you lie on it. Visit a store specializing in mattresses, for you to select and test out a number of designs prior to decision. Or you can visit Do not sacrifice quality on the bed mattress. You may spend a good deal of time in bed to rest and recharge. Therefore, a correct position during sleep is very important.