How To Support A Friend With HIV

There are over a million people in the U.S. who are living and surviving the HIV virus. This means that you may have a friend, a family member, or a close acquaintance who suffers the same virus. If one of them disclosed to you their illness, here are ways to support them.

Advice for supporting HIV positive Friends

Acknowledge the situation. Thank them for the trust they gave you with their very personal health info.

Ask if appropriate. You can ask if they need anything else that can help. One of the reasons that they may have trusted you with their illness is because they need someone as an ally to help them through the challenge of the sickness.

Note: Some individuals are very vocal with these particular details; other folks want to keep it private. You can also ask if there are other individuals who know this info, and how personal they are about their condition.

Provide Reassurance. Let your words or actions know that your friend having an HIV will not change your relationship and will keep this info private if they wish.

Learn more about HIV. Many people living with HIV are receiving different treatments and different treatment stages for antiretroviral treatment today. Don’t assume, ask a friend for guidance.

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