Must-watch HIV Movies

Aside from giving us entertainment, the big screen also helps us to relax and stimulate our moods.


More than that, movies are also tools to educate us and inform us about things that we rarely understand. Through different movie genres, all these aspects are being elicited to us. Not just only through watching movies in theater, it can also be achieved through online movies like filme online substitrate.


One movie genre or movie topic that is of great importance is education of medical conditions. This applies true to certain movies about diseases, epidemics, culture, and behavioral aspects. Movies with these topics impart helpful information and guide people having the same experience. Most of the time, these people are gaining self-esteem, appreciation and self-importance through these movies.


One best movie example for this is movie having topic of HIV/AIDS. It is very obvious that HIV/AIDS gain negative viewpoint from the public. This is because this illness is mostly misunderstood most of the time. From the very beginning of its growth in 1980, individuals who’ve got the illness were exposed to mistreatment and criticism because of the lack in public awareness.


In order to help disseminate the information, improvement of medical treatment, and gain measure against this illness, below are movies that can give the public helpful information about HIV/AIDS. This is also one way of avoiding contagious and infectious diseases.


Movies About HIV/AIDS That You Must Watch



The following movies give details about these illness. For at least once, these movies are recommended to be seen to gain insights in relation to HIV/AIDS.


Dallas Buyers Club


In 2013, this movie is based on true story and unhide the reality for many patients of the epidemic during the early times. The character of the story Woodroof who had contacted the disease had an ineffective initial treatment. It came to a point that he met Dr. Vass and gave him FDA unapproved medicine. Luckily, the medication gained success in improving his health. At the same time, the Dallas Buyers Club was started by a transgender woman and from there started the selling of the illicit drug.



Released in 2009, this drama is about Precious who was abused and molested by his father. She became pregnant and after giving birth she founds out that her father died because of AIDS. Sadly, the said illness of her father passed on to her. This award-winning movie was based on the book written by Sapphire entitled “Push”.




Rent is a musical drama in 2005. This was inspired from the Broadway musical of 1996 which bear a similar name. The story of the film revolved around our communities common issues such as financial dilemmas, sexuality, abuse of drugs, and the battle against HIV/AIDS.