Preventing HIV And STD

Air conditioning installation could provide better indoor air quality, especially when it is regularly cleaned and maintained. Air conditioners could clean the air in the room by eliminating dust, microorganisms, as well as any particles that could be present in the air in the room.

Since air is circulated and filtered by air conditioners, it removes impurities, molds and allergens from the air. For individuals suffering from allergies as well as asthma, this is particularly significant as it lessens the irritants that set off an attack. But, if your unit isn’t maintained and cleaned, it could actually be a contributing factor to air pollution in the indoors.

However, there are certain illnesses that air conditioners couldn’t help alleviate and relieve, HIV is one. HIV is a kind of virus that harms and impairs the immune system, which is responsible for helping out the body fight and ward off infections. If left untreated, CD4 cells are infected and killed. CD4 cells are a kind of immune cell known as T cells. Over the course of time, as the virus destroys more T cells, the body is more susceptible and vulnerable to acquire various forms of infections as well as cancers.

HIV and STD Prevention

There are means to prevent and avoid HIV. However, it isn’t merely about adhering to these directives. It is being knowledgeable about yourself and the person you are, your beliefs, and when and how to act so as to shield yourself as well as others from the infection and virus. It entails an approach that is well-versed and holistic, an approach which allows you to fully comprehend the ABCs of the infection as well as to make sure that it never comes to pass. Here are a few:

Recognize the Risks

Well-informed prevention begins by means of getting the facts straight, being aware of the how the virus is transmitted, as well as distinguishing which undertakings could place you in jeopardy.

Take Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

PrEP is a approach for prevention in which the everyday usage of an antiretroviral pill could considerably lessen the risk of an individual to get the virus. The evidence-based method is regarded as a significant element of a general prevention approach as well as a way to decrease the rate of infection where the population is exposed to the risk.

Use Protection

When it comes to protection such as the use of condoms, there is no excuse to be negligent or lax. Apart from abstaining from intercourse, making use of condoms is yet the most dependable and reliable means of pregnancy prevention, HIV, as well as other diseases that are transmitted sexually.

Watch the video below for more ways to prevent HIV and STDs:

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