Safe Sex Practice: This is how it Should be Done

It is common sense to protect ourselves from anything. When it comes to sex, it may be a normal thing amongst many, but it is the same reason why people are taking things for granted and disregard the use of condoms. Yes it is true that having sex brings immeasurable amount of pleasure but still remember to practice safe sex.

Unprotected sex especially to different partners risks you from contracting STDs, HIV and AIDS. All of which can create serious toll on one’s health.

Things You Never knew about Sex

By using condoms, this helps in creating a barrier which then prevents contact of bacteria, viruses, semen and other infectious particles with each other which then spreads the virus. Condoms have2 types and these are the male latex condoms as well as female condoms. Remember to make use of new condoms whenever you’ll have sex. Aside from the fact that used condoms are not safe, it is plain disgusting. Avoid infection by properly putting on the condom before making any contact.

Never ever use petroleum based lubricant similar to Vaseline or hand lotion. These products have additives that could break the rubber in your condom. Make it a point that the condoms are stored in cool and dry place and out of direct sunlight. See to it that you have checked the integrity of the condom, more so if it is kept in the wallet.

Say that the condom looks discolored, brittle or sticky, it is likely to be damaged. Using them would not be a wise move.

This is the same principle followed by firma transportowa when delivering condoms to stores.

If you’re into giving heads, then a dental dam is something to be taken into consideration. This is otherwise known as latex square. You may make use of unused rubber by simply cutting it lengthwise in an effort to create some sort of a “barrier”. Prior to giving heads, don’t brush, use mouthwash or floss for an hour. This is preventing opened as well as bleeding gums that may contract disease easier.

Don’t Feel so Confident

It is hard to diagnose AIDS or HIV for its symptoms are not visible and it differs from one person to the other. The only way that you can know whether you are infected with one or not is by having yourself tested by professionals.