The 4 Painstaking Stages of HIV

A lot of people are having a hard time accepting the fact that they catch HIV. After seeing the result of your HIV test, you’ll probably go through an emotional breakdown. The most obvious and common, it is the thought of you dying. If there is something you need to know, it is that, acceptance process is a journey. Oftentimes, it will go through several stages and each phase would be a real challenge.

Stage 1. Denial

This is the first stage of acceptance. This is when you keep telling yourself that everything’s just a dream. Among the things you’ll be doing while in this stage is to get tested in various places. Yet, this only makes things worse as everything will come back with a “positive” result.

Stage 2. Anger

Your emotions will be overfilled with hurt and anger. It’s a human instinct to feel betrayed. However no matter how difficult things can be, try not to be destructive while you’re angry. You may engage in substance abuse or be alcoholic. Try not to as this would only damage your health. Then again, there are those who are expressing anger by infecting others and worsening the infection on themselves in the process. This isn’t the way.

Stage 3. Depression

In acceptance your condition, you’ll experience depression. Now between the first two stages, this is the most critical and deadliest stage. It is where most people can’t take it anymore and taking their lives to end the problem.

Stress might arise due to hopelessness and would attack your immune system.

Even so, still try to look at the brighter side of life. Think of the others who are still productive with their lives even though they have HIV. Combating stress is best done by thinking positively. Even if stress can’t be eliminated, at least try managing it so it will not cause further damage to you.

Stage 4. Acceptance

This is the last phase in your journey. However, please be reminded that you could only reach this stage as soon as you have acknowledged that you’ve contracted the virus. There are even books that can help you on how to accept it faster. You may buy these books from the great Indian sale on Amazon.