The Revelation of a Vlogger on Russian HIV Epidemic

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It is called HIV back in Russia, the epidemic no one is talking about, and it has gotten people about.

The sobering, almost two-hour video from the popular movie writer Yury Dud, is credited for sparking an uptick in issue in Russia: by again in the amount of Russians being examined for HIV because the movie was uploaded into an explosion in HIV-related online searches.

That is in a state in which health specialists and authorities critics accuse the government of downplaying the issue, and also where over 1 million individuals are infected with the virus which may cause AIDS.

Dud, a 33-year-old sports site editor at his other project, has gathered a following of over 6.9 million readers because his YouTube station, vDud, started in February 2017 (if you also want to start gathering subscribers on your YouTube channel, consider to buy subscribers to get you started). It provides interviews with pop stars and other characters for example one concerning the school siege in the city of Beslan, to documentaries.

Interest in the most current job of Dud has spilled out past the audience and in the hallways of power.

A deputy head of the State Duma wellness committee stated he had been impressed by the job of Dud he coordinated a screening of the movie at parliament’s lower house. Some abandoned, also that members revealed, underscored what activists and specialists say is the absence of importance and urgency the government places on resolving the AIDS epidemic of the country.

According to statistics in December 2019, the range of individuals stood at only 1 million. Dud provides other people including the simple fact that in 2018, 37,000 individuals in Russia died of AIDS, an average of 100, and supposes that statistic. These figures flash across the display in the documentary of Dud.

The information confirms Russia is currently confronting a severe HIV issue. UNAIDS calculates that between 2015 and 2010, Russia accounted for over 80% of HIV infections in the Eastern European and Central Asian areas.

A point the finger at President Vladimir Putin, who was prime minister as 1999, accusing him of paying attention since it’s increased. In an article from the paper Novaya Gazeta titled British Silence, sociologist Iskander Yasaveyev composed the 1.4 million HIV disease cases enrolled in Russia as 1987, approximately 750,000 were listed after 2012, the year that he returned into the Kremlin following a stint at the No. 2 post.

HIV At Russia, The Epidemic No One Is Talking About unlocks with Dud creating a statement where he predicts HIV an ignored problem which “impacts every one of us” Dud Wondering just a camp at town refused to sponsor a bunch of kids in 2019’s summertime had been contaminated with HIV. It smacked of the sort of discrimination individuals with AIDS and HIV in Russia confront.

Elsewhere in the movie, Dud interviews individuals infected with HIV in addition to their spouses. Topics run the gamut from kids, HIV and drug usage, myths regarding the transmission of this virus the condition of gender education in schools, and also the government’s reaction to everything.

Miracle Employee

This Dud has struck a chord became evident as users marveled after it had been submitted on February 11 on YouTube, and the opinion numbers clicked.

Within two days, it had gathered almost 8 million viewpoints.

According to The Moscow Times, the number of hunts to get five terms taken up by February 13 globally with a percent.

The news website TJournal noted that a greater interest was enrolled by pharmacies at Russia for HIV test kits among clients.

As Fryoken stated that curiosity in HIV testing in the drugstore was upward A Twitter user recognized.

“Within the previous two days, I have been asked in the work seven days about the state HIV test. Until then, within the eight decades of working in the drugstore, I was asked concerning this evaluation possibly once, but I am not convinced,” she wrote. “That is exactly what the miracle-worker Dud has completed.”

One of Dud’s work lovers was one of the State Duma. Fedot Tumusov, head of the Health Protection Committee of the State Duma and a lawmaker in A Russia celebration, arranged a screening of this movie.

“Dud created a remarkable movie and I believed it was crucial that deputies can see it to increase awareness of this issue,” Tumusov told state news agency TASS.

Hunts to get five terms concerning HIV tests’ amount taken up by February 13 globally with a percent, according to The Moscow Times. (file picture )

Hunts to get five terms regarding HIV tests’ amount taken up by February 13 globally with a percent, according to The Moscow Times. (file picture )

However, it soon became evident that his excitement was not shared by a lot of his deputies.

A Communist Party deputy, Valery Rashkin, let it be understood he was delighted with viewing the movie.

“And for Valentine’s Day, we created an odd choice in the State Duma. We’re being exhibited Yury Dud’s picture,” he also wrote.

In the long run, just a smattering of Duma members turned around to the movie, a dejected Tumusov advised following the screening.

“Some arrived. They saw a bit but did not stay until the finish. I suppose it just was not interesting for them,” Tumusov informed the Russian information portal site.


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Interest was voiced by at least one official Even though Dud’s movie may have spanned a yawn from the Duma.

Aleksei Kudrin, a longtime former finance minister and current chairman of the Audit Chamber, also a fiscal supervision body, imputed Dud by creating a”much-needed film about HIV in Russia.”

“Yury Dud has created a philosophical film about HIV in Russia. Over 1 million individuals are now infected. In 2018, 37,000 died of AIDS. Compare that. #HIV within our nation remains a far more real danger,” Kudrin composed on Twitter on February 16.

In Another tweet, Kudrin pledged the Audit Chamber would examine authorities’ attempts to fight HIV. ​

Not Lepers

And he encouraged the vlogger to talk, according to news agency RIA Novosti and has scheduled a debate there as they attempt to arrange a screening of the movie of Dud in the Duma of Tumusov fell level. On February 19it had been uncertain if Dud could attend.

The head of the Federal AIDS Center of Russia, At exactly the RIA Novosti report, Vadim Pokrovsky — that has championed moves to deal with the issue — stated the movie of Dud made an effect.

“Interest in evaluation and therapy has exploded. There is little doubt about this,” he explained. “There were a whole great deal of perspectives [of the movie ], and most became anxious about whether they possess the HIV disease”

Since money is allocated by the Health Ministry’s budget Pokrovsky reported the number of folks in Russia receiving therapy this season should grow between 100,000 to 200,000.

The spike in focus indicates that the movie of Dud could measure up pressure on the police to deal with the HIV disaster.

In the movie, a former drug user who died while it had been produced, Katya, talked of their need.

“We’re not lepers,” she explained. “I expect there will be a completely free flow of information”