What Is The Impact Of CoronaVirus On People Infected With HIV?

Strict adherence to preventive measures is recommended.

The world is placed on standstill. People worry about the corona spread and takes precautionary measures to protect themselves. While the virus seems simple and easy to cure, data shows a number of death tolls rising due to the virus. But there are also a number of recoveries reported. What makes those who passed differently from those who survived? A report says that we have to have a good immune system to help fight the virus. But what about those who have weakened immune systems such as the elders and those infected with HIV?

Coronavirus | HIV, TB patients not on treatment could be at risk

We do not know the effect of the new coronavirus to those who have HIV infection. It is also not known if the infection is more serious in HIV patients.

We could just gain details from knowledge gained from viral infections, like the seasonal flu brought on by influenza. Indeed, individuals with stable HIV infection do not appear to be more susceptible to influenza virus infection. However, if a person infected with HIV has a low CD4 level (or other underlying diseases), infection with influenza can show a more serious course. Also, the viral weight may quickly rise on viral infection, specifically if the sufferer is not using HIV blockers. On the other hand, this info must be construed with extreme caution, we all know the fact that influenza virus attacks and the coronavirus change in numerous ways.

A handful of antivirals useful to address HIV infection seem to have an impact on SARS-CoV-2 within lab circumstances. Nevertheless, the effect of these findings on patients is not yet known.

People infected with HIV are advised to strictly follow preventive steps. The battle against the coronavirus has come into phase 2, meaning that steps to keep your distance from others are reinforced. Preventive measures is all we can do at this point. There’s no known cure as of the moment but patients are treated according to the symptoms as it was with SARS. If a person is showing symptoms of the corona, incubation is a must so as to halt the spread of the virus. Sanitize your surroundings including those kept in self-storage (self storage comparison).

If you have complaints (fever, cough, shortness of breath) call your doctor and state your travel history and your symptoms. Don’t go to the waiting room or rush. Check the Federal Public Service website for the latest update.