HIV and Workplace

Thanks to HIV medication, people with HIV can now love, live, and work well and long. There is no risk of transmission in everyday working life, and on average people with HIV are no sicker than other employees. Agreements for a non-discriminatory coexistence are helpful.

Working with HIV

HIV is easily treatable. Thanks to HIV drugs, people with HIV can now live well and for a long time with the virus, and HIV therapies are usually well tolerated. If side effects occur, then especially in the first few weeks after starting therapy or changing therapy. Most people with HIV get along well with it and having fun with their work.

People with HIV work in any job

HIV cannot be transmitted in everyday life, not even at work. There is no risk of transmission for supervisors, colleagues, customers, and the people they are looking after.

This also applies to medical or dental facilities, in care and supply, in the catering and food industry as well as in the care of children, adolescents and others. The usual hygiene and occupational safety measures offer reliable protection against transmission. So people with HIV can do any job.

No responsibility to reveal your status to colleagues and employers

The question of an HIV infection may only be asked if it is relevant to the activity carried out. This is not the case for almost all professions.

The same applies to colleagues. All employees have a right to the protection of their privacy. This also includes personal health information. Since there is no risk of infection for colleagues, there is no obligation – not even a “moral” one – to inform them about an HIV infection.

Dealing openly with HIV can help

Coming out as HIV positive in the workplace can be a relief. If you have dared to come out positively, this can instill self-confidence and enable you to experience that you are accepted for who you are. You can also be relaxed when it comes to personal issues because you don’t have to be afraid that something will slip out of you.

However, you can only influence the reactions and attitudes of others to a limited extent. Often times they are better than expected. However, negative reactions are also possible.

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