HIV Positive Individuals and the Workplace

Most businesses and companies require all of their employees to go for annual check-up or present a health certificate to ensure they’re in optimum health and fit to work. Check out uitzendbureau administratief werk for an administrative work through an employment agency.

HIV Positive Individuals and the Workplace

HIV weakens the immune system of the body and could develop into AIDS, wherein it gets in the way of the immune system as well as makes infected individuals vulnerable to infections. Though there is no cure for HIV, it could be effectively remedied, especially if detected early, for HIV to not turn into AIDS. This denotes that the individuals with HIV could carry on to be productive and valuable members of the labor force.

No obligation is placed on the employee to let their employers know of their HIV status with the exception of particular line of work, such as dentistry or surgery wherein there is a possibility of exposure to blood or fluids from the body. In certain occupations, workers like some lab technicians and healthcare providers might in fact encounter the danger of HIV infection via inadvertent direct exposure to blood that is infected mostly because of a mishap with a syringe or needle.

With antiviral therapy or ARV therapy, majority of individuals with HIV shouldn’t be too unwell to work. But, if HIV turns out to be symptomatic, wherein the individual begins to experience associated infections, it might be better for the infected individual to let their employer know of their HIV status as the individual may necessitate a break from work because of sickness or might need particular changes to their roles at work, hours of work, and so on so as to let them carry on with their work.

For the standpoint of the employer, the most imperative thing is to make certain that an HIV positive individual isn’t discriminated against within their place of work.

Individuals living with the said virus are protected lawfully from discrimination in their place of work workplace as well as throughout recruitment which is in the Equality Act 2010. For instance, the use of health questionnaires during pre-employment prior to offering the job to the individual is prohibited.


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