How an HIV Diagnosed Person Cope Up After a Breast Augmentation

The Prevalence of HIV Among Women

HIV, or the human immunodeficiency virus, is a virusthat is commonly present among people who are sexually active or has multiple sexual partners. According to some studies, younger women have a higher chance of acquiring such disease especially if they are unhygienic and sexually active.

Other ways how HIV can infect a person is when, a semen enters enters the body during a sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, one person cannot easily detect if he/she has an HIV because the symptoms are developed slowly. Hence, it is possible that you acquire an HIV from a partner and that person does not now that he/she has an HIV.

A person can get HIV from sexual intercourse, needles exposed to someone who has HIV and will be transferred to another person through injection or even tattoo.

Risks of Undergoing Surgeries 

Once a person is diagnosed as having HIV, some, some but not all surgeries are prohibited because the body may negatively react during certain procedures. For some women who is planning to undergo plastic surgeries or  breast augmentation in sydney, nsw, they will still get permission provided that they are in a good shape and HIV is not that severe. However, the only downside is that, if you are diagnosed with HIV and will undergo breast implant, your body is gonna be more sensitive. As a result you need extra effort during the recovery period. And most likely your body is gonna be more sore compared to other patient.

In order to provide you tips for self care after breast implant surgery, continue reading:

Upon finishing the procedure you will feel a lot of swelling and even numbness. In the first 1-5 days, you will be in discomfort. But do not worry, we listed below tips to make the recovery period faster.

  1. You need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in order to boost your immune system.
  2. Surgeons may advise you to take supplements such as fiber, protein, and vitamin c.
  3. In the absence of these supplements, you may get the needed requirements by eating foods such as nuts, healthy carbohydrates, and white meat.