Knowing Pets and HIV

HIV, short for Human Immunodeficiency Virus has become one of the dangerous diseases for a lot of years now. And up until now, scientists are still figuring out a cure for HIV. It is transferable from one person to another. If a person is sexually active, it is best to conduct a test for prevention. There are various arguments on whether HIV can be transferred to pets. Say, if you have a ferret and you are diagnosed with HIV, will you still continue playing with it or just put it in to a ferret cage for fear that your pet may have an HIV.

In this article, we will try to give answers to your questions as to how deal with pets if someone has an HIV.

Can you still keep your job that involves animals if there as HIV epidemic?

Work that involves animals has always risks of infection especially if you are working at clinic at slaughterhouse. I suggest that before you venture in to such kind of job, you better consult with your physicians first on whether you are fine to work with animals. On the other hand, if your current work already involves animals, make sure to follow rules and regulations at the workplace. It is also important to wear protective gears.

Can pets get HIV from Humans?

I know that you have been wanting to find an answer as to whether HIV is transferable to pets. The answer would be no. Numerous viruses like AIDS, leukemina, and FelV are causes by diseases. And these viruses can only infect very few number of animals. FeLV, for instance, is a common disease among cats and it cannot be transferred to humans.

Test a pet must undergo before you bring it home

Prior to making your home an animal’s home too, it should be in proper health. Regular tests would be fine if the animal looks fine. But if it looks pale and sick, it would  be better to take some special tests.

Basically, pets are still good companions if you have HIV. It cannot be spread by or to animals such as dogs, cats, and others.