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HIV-Positive Prank Calls

The 13-year-old daughter of the hospital clerk has been detained for supposedly calling individuals who visited the hospital emergency room and tell them how that they had the AIDS virus,”

Diet Needs of HIV Patients

Proper diet and well-balanced nutrition is important for all individual. Thus, also essential for HIV patients. This is due to the fact that food provides nutrients needed by the body

The Science of Aids

Effect of Ketogenic Diet to People with HIV

Most diet nowadays give emphasis on monitoring of the macronutrient intake. Typically, a low carb meal seems to penetrate the concept of dieting. This is because of the misleading idea that too much intake of carbohydrate-rich food may cause fat accumulation in the body. That’s why many dieters are opting for a diet regimen with low carbohydrate level. However, dieters tend to neglect the importance of macronutrients in the body.


Macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fat are the primary sources of calories in a daily diet.


Ketogenic Diet – The Way It Works


Consumption of meals consisting of high fat, moderate protein, and low in carbs is the way a ketogenic diet works. This is the most popular diet nowadays. Keto cookbook are widely available providing necessary information about ketosis. Moreover, for a more comprehensive keto dieting, one may opt for the best keto cookbook. Dieters won’t be misguided because even in the web, information about ketosis may be seen in different websites like in tastyketo.



Ketogenic diet works with a high fat, moderate protein, and low-carb meal. This diet takes effect when the fat being consumed slows the rate of digestion. Thus, making the person full and satisfied.


Moreover, the protein intake leads to body fluid loss. For example, 10 pounds has been reduced due to a high-protein diet, at least three pounds may be attributed to dehydration. After that phenomenon, the body retrieves the water. Along with it the body will regain the weight being lost.


That makes the diet regimen less effective as expected. However, this is not the real battle neck of this kind of diet.




The primary concern with this kind of diet is that the muscle is prone to loss or wastage. Aside from that muscle tone degeneration may also experienced. In a normal diet, carbohydrates are typically used for the production of glucose. Due to that, the protein turns out to be the one responsible for muscle repair.


Meanwhile, the muscles are broken down and are not being repaired as a result of a low-carb diet. This also leads to loss of lean body mass. The chance of losing at least one pound of muscle for every fat being lost in this diet is highly possible.


Wasting Syndrome is an AIDS-related complication which is the loss of body mass or lean body mass. This can be serious, dangerous and life threatening. Non-HIV-positive individual experienced loss of muscle while taking this kind of diet. How much more with HIV-positive patients? The key is to give focus on a well-balanced macronutrient intake and diet needs of HIV patients.

HIV-Positive Prank Calls

The 13-year-old daughter of the hospital clerk has been detained for supposedly calling individuals who visited the hospital emergency room and tell them how that they had the AIDS virus,” authorities said today.

Tammy Lynn Esckilsen was detained late Monday following a police officer, employing a series which comes upon a sufferer’s Caller ID, monitored her into her residence address, authorities Sgt. Malcolm Adams stated.

Adams explained the woman had visited her mom and chose a record of telephone numbers and individuals home. She told authorities the calls were left by her he explained.

Esckilsen was charged with one count of aggravated assault, a count of assault and three counts of earning threats. Adams said he didn’t understand what the attack counts involved along with also the State Attorney’s Office didn’t immediately return a telephone call seeking detail about the fees.

Hospital officials said seven patients reported they had obtained the prank calls using prank apps.

“She moved following a gun and will finish it,” Bulmer’s mom, Shirley Veazie, stated.

Relatives kept her. “I wanted to kill myself,” stated Bulmer, that was also falsely informed that she had been pregnant.

Jan Olson, a hospital spokeswoman, said that the hospital could call patients treated in the emergency area Friday through Sunday to ensure nobody else received bogus details. She said the woman’s mum, a clerk in the hospital, would face dismissal for exposing confidential advice for her own daughter.

The hospital does not run HIV tests on its emergency department also does not give out laboratory results over the phone, ” she explained.

Bulmer went into the emergency area Saturday using a bladder disease.

On Sunday, a young girl named Veazie’s cell phone number, stating she had been hoping to achieve Bulmer. In accordance with Veazie, the caller stated, “Amy’s laboratory work is straight again, and I want to allow you to know that she is HIV-positive. And she is also pregnant. You knew, did not you?”

After phoning the hospital laboratory, but the family discovered Bulmer wasn’t pregnant and hadn’t been tested for HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.

Diet Needs of HIV Patients

Proper diet and well-balanced nutrition is important for all individual. Thus, also essential for HIV patients. This is due to the fact that food provides nutrients needed by the body to be able to be healthy and function properly. To achieve a good nutrition, individuals have to eat the appropriate types of foods with the proper amount. By this, the essential nutrients can be provided to the body.


Special Diet of an HIV Patient

Basically, as per the science of AIDS, there is no special diet required for people with HIV. Boosting the immunity can be done by doing some of the tips below.



The immune system of HIV patients is urged to work rigidly to ward off the infections. Meaning, this action consume energy from the food intake. So, it is very much needed to eat lots of food.

Inclusion of extra amount of protein, carbs, and fats should be added in the diet of patients who are underweight, high viral loads, patients with advanced HIV disease, or those who have an opportunistic infections. However, overweight needs nutritious meal plan.



Drinking lots of water is essential to one’s health. It can provide numerous benefits especially when the water is hot. As an additional info, hot water for bathing also cater positive effects to the health of an individual. Heating water for bathing is made easy through the use of the best outdoor tankless water heater.

Going back, patients with HIV demand for high amount if water intake. This water functions to distribute the nutrients throughout the body. Further, high amount of water can assist HIV patient to:

  • Lower the adverse effects of medicines
  • Aid in the elimination of medicines already utilized by the body
  • Prevent fluid loss which causes dry mouth and constipation
  • Feel more energized

The recommended water intake per day should at least 8 to 10 glasses. But, most are not used to drink this much. Here are some tips to get the required extra fluids.

  • Try to drink other types of fluids such as flavored water, fruit juice or teas provided that it is noncaffeinated.
  • Drink water at the beginning and at the end of the day.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Sip on ice cubes.



HIV patients demand for additional vitamins and minerals in order to assist in repairing and healing damaged cells.

Vitamins and minerals can be freely found in the food but in modest quantity. Since, HIV infected individuals need to enhance the immune system, physician may recommend vitamin and mineral supplement in adjunct with a healthy diet.