Why Social Media Videos Are Effective for HIV

The prevention and treatment for HIV has been linked to the effective utilization of videos as a communication tool. Partnerships and researches progressively assist the use of videos as a channel for information dissemination and individual empowerment. Being a part of complex communication techniques can heightened the effectiveness of messages pertaining to health.

In content dissemination, video is such a format that is excellently and popularly used. 

Social Media Video Dissemination

  • There are about 45% of Facebook and YouTube subscribers who watch videos for more than an hour in a week.
  • 82% of users watch videos on Twitter
  • Premium online videos that are around two-thirds of which have been watched between devices are recorded under YouTube accounts among millenials.
  • Compared to Facebook images, videos on the platform receive about a 135% increase in organic search.

Knowing this, videos, especially those contents under TikTok, must have to be an excellent way to cater technical assistance. Aside from that, if TikTok videos are of this quality and standard, the need to buy TikTok likes is not already a must. This shows the important role of social media in HIV awareness for youth. Thus, more research and analyses have illustrated that technology around video making can boost the learning process.

Ways in creation of videos for health communications:

Below are some of the best strategies in order to develop and create a good video that delivers health messages:

  1. Elaborate your objectives in a clear manner.
  2. Identify your audience
  3. Define the capability to moderate
  4. Set up a plan for evaluation and analyses

Moreover, creators of TikTok and other social media video content must always remember and follow the below practices:

  • Videos should be short, simple, and inviting
  • A particular URL should be included at every end of the video to serve as a user’s guide for additional information
  • Promotional plan should be established

Message from HIV colleague regarding video contents utilization

According to Sarah Harshmall, the Communications Manager at AIDS United, videos are an accessible means of content creation and an inviting way to reach a wider range of audience. In addition, it guides people to feel that they are part of something greater, thus, conveying more emotion than text. She also concluded that the campaigns of CDC’s Act Against AIDS are done through video sharing